Winner: Christophe Artus
BGMR Modern Individual Competition:
  Winner: Ian Clarke
  Second Place : Alex Martin
  Sportsmanship: Ian McBriar
D.B.M.M. 15mm Competition:
  Winner: Oren Taylor
  Second Place: John Fletcher
  Third Place: Doug Melville
  Winning Team: MK White: Steve Bainbridge, Phil Hosker, Ian Sims
  Second Place Team: TOWIE: Marc Hare, Dave Mather, Greg Mann
  Third Place Team: Unreliable Allies: Lawrence Greaves, Steve Mills, Oren Taylor
Fields of Glory 15mm Ancient & Medieval Competition:
  Winner: A Storm from the East
Ian Stewart
  Winner: Byzantine Renaissance Andy Ellis
  Winner: Four Corners of the World Graham Evans
  Winning Team: Reigate: Steve Murton, Terry Shaw, Graham Briggs
  Second Place Team: MAWS: Dave Ruddock, Ian Stewart, Phil Powell
  Third Place Team: Hampshire Hogs: Pete Dalby, Lance Flint, Richard Jeffrey-Cooke
Fields of Glory 15mm Renaissance Competition:
  Winner: The End of Chivalry Christophe Artus
  Winner: The New World Frederic Dufour
  Winner: Turmoil in Europe Stephen Stead
  Winning Team: The French Team: Denis Mercier, Christophe Artus, Frederic Dufour
  Second Place Team: October: Ray Boyles, Keith Spedding, Lynette Maxim
Impetus 28mm Ancient & Medieval Competition:
  Winner: Paul Davison
  Second Place: Ken Natt
WAB Competition:
  Winner: Andy Pickering
  Second Place: Keith Backland
  Third Place: Malcolm Barnfield
WRG 6th Edition 25mm Competition:
  Winner: Nick Stocks
  Second Place: Mark Jarrett
  Third Place: Paul Frith
  Winning Team: Derby: - Nick Stocks, Mark Jarrett, Graham Tilly
  Second Place Team: Southern Nomads: Paul Frith, Dave Frampton, (a spare)
WRG 7th Edition 15mm Competition:
  Winner: Nick Scott
  Second Place: John Everett
  Third Place: Dave Hutchby
  "Bad Day' Award:
""The Tyranny of the dice"""
David Kenyon:
Managed to kill C-in-C with a down 4 combat roll in the last period
Warmachine Steamroller Competition:
  Winner: Dan Price
  Second Place: Rob McCormick
  Third Place: Chris Tapper
  Best Painted: Chris Tapper
  Dipolmat: Chris Clare
  Wooden Spoon: Owen Barnes
Bolt Action UK Nationals Competition:
  Winner: Bruce Hamilton
  Second Place: Richard Buston
  Third Place: Steve Dixon
Best Display Game 2016:
  Equal First Place:
The Ilkely Lads: Lobositz, 1st October 1756
  Equal First Place: The Boondock Sayntes: Rorke's Drift
  Equal Third Place: Like a Stone Wall Wargames Group: Battle of Hastings
  Equal Third Place: Grimsby Wargames Society: The Four Days Sea Battle, June 1666
Best Participation Game 2016:
  Winner: Leicester Phat Cats: SCUD Alley
  Second Place: Warlord Games: Konflikt '47
  Third Place: Toofatlardies: Viva Ras Begus!