Winner: Malcolm Barnfield
BGMR Modern Individual Competition:
  Winner: Paul Lymath
  Second Place : Alex Martin
  Sportsmanship: Alex Martin
By Fire & Sword Individual Competition:
  Winner: Neil Mancer
  Second Place: Mick Rood
  Third Place: Maciej Walenczykowski
  Best Painted: Maciej Walenczykowski
  Best Sport: Alasdair Hughs
D.B.M.M. 15mm Competition:
  Winner: Ian Sims
  Second Place: Ian Austin
  Third Place: John Fletcher
  Winning Team: MK White: Steve Bainbridge, Phil Hosker, Ian Sims
  Second Place Team: The Gentlemen Players: Chris Robinson, Peter Haines, Dave Mather
  Third Place Team: Team Inert: Ian Austin, Chris Jolley, Ian MacKay
Fields of Glory 15mm Ancient & Medieval Competition:
  Winner: Remus & Romulus Phil Powell
  Winner: Byzantine Renaissance Dave Ruddock
  Winner: "Rumble in the Jungle" Simon Hall
  Winning Team: MAWS: Dave Ruddock, Phil Powell, David Bannister
  Second Place Team: Reigate: Graham Briggs, Terry Shaw, Simon Hall
  Third Place Team: Pea Soupers: Lee Sanders, John Hogan, Dave Sellers
Fields of Glory 15mm Renaissance Competition:
  Winner: Europe in Flames Jim Gibson
  Winner: The Restoration Don Avis
  Winner: The Middle East and Asia Simon Clarke
  Winning Team: Central London: Tim Porter, Simon LeRay-Meyer, Simon Clarke
  Second Place Team: BKS United: Ben Jones, Stephen Stead, Kevin Johnson

"Bad Day Award:
""Well that could have gone better"""

"Chris Beesley:
For fighting against Japanese armies twice in one day"
Impetus 28mm Ancient & Medieval Competition:
  Winner: Paul Davison
  Second Place: James Irvin
WAB Competition:
  Winner: Malcolm Barnfield
  Second Place: Phil Vernon
  Third Place: Grahame Middleton
WRG 6th Edition 25mm Competition:
  Winner: Laurence Donohoe
  Second Place: Mark Jarrett
  Third Place: Nick Stocks
  Winning Team: Derby: - Nick Stocks, Mark Jarrett, Graham Tilly
  Second Place Team: Dorset Nomads: Dave Howes, Laurence Donohoe, Paul Frith
WRG 7th Edition 15mm Competition:
  Winner: John Buckley
  Second Place: David Kenyon
  Third Place: Peter Horne
  "Bad Day' Award:
""The Tyranny of the dice"""
"Andy Wilson:
For rolling 'down 3' or 'down 4' in 6 consecutive combats"
Best Display Game 2015:
The Ilkely Lads: Marignano 1515
  Second Place: Derby Wargames Society: The War in Ireland 1689-1691
  Third Place: The Boondock Sayntes: 'Fousands of 'Em …… sounds like a train!
  Highly Commended: Barely Legal Wargames Club: Battle of the Scheldt in winter 1944
  Highly Commended: Like a Stone Wall Wargames Group: Battle of Quatre Bras
Best Participation Game 2015:
  Winner: Leicester Phat Cats: Alien vs Predator: The Hunt Begins
  Second Place: Wargames Emporium: Frostgrave ‘Northstar’
  Equal Third Place: Lance & Longbow Society: Battle of Bosworth
  Equal Third Place: Old DWA: Romano-British defend against Saxons

There are more detailed results of some competitions on the following page Results Page 2