Winner: James Hamilton
BGMR Modern Individual Competition:
  Winner: Nick Overland
  Second Place : Ian Clarke
  Winning Team: Thin Red Line: Nick Overland and Matt Biggs
  Sportsmanship: Nick Overland
D.B.M.M. 15mm Competition:
  Winner: Steve Bainbridge
  Second Place: Steve Mills
  Third Place: Chris Robinson
  Winning Team: FWGS & MAWS: Oren Taylor, Lawrence Greaves, Steve Mills
  Second Place Team: Gentlemen Players: Chris Robinson, Peter Haines, Dave Mather
  Third Place Team: Inert: Ian Austin, Ian MacKay, Chris Jolley
Fields of Glory 15mm Ancient & Medieval Competition:
  Winner: From Agean to Indus David Fairhurst
  Winner: Shield Walls & Sea Wolves Lance Flint
  Winner: "Desperato Ferro" Pete Dalby
  Winning Team: Hampshire Hogs: Lance Flint, Pete Dalby, Richard Jeffrey-Cooke
  Second Place Team: Vlad's Boys: Bob Amey, Rich Love, Andy Ellis
  Third Place Team: Reigate: Simon Hall, Graham Briggs, Terry Shaw
Fields of Glory 15mm Renaissance Competition:
  Winner: Age of the Tercio Stephen Stead
  Winner: Turmoil in Europe Ben Jones
  Winner: Horselords of the East Don Avis
  Winning Team: BKS United: Ben Jones, Stephen Stead, Kevin Johnson
  Second Place Team: Central London: Martin van Tol, Tim Porter, Simon LeRay-Meyer
Flames of War: Individual Competition
  Winner: James Hamilton
  Second Place: Gareth Evans
  Third Place: Steve Johnston
  Best Painted Allied: Keith Fisher
  Best Painted Axis: Will Denham
  Most Sporting : Mark Attwell
Impetus 28mm Ancient & Medieval Competition:
  Winner: Frazer Watson
  Second Place: Colin Brewer
WAB Competition:
  Winner: Malcolm Barnfield
  Second Place: Andrew Beer
  Third Place: Grahame Middleton
WRG 6th Edition 25mm Competition:
  Winner: Nick Stocks
  Second Place: Mark Jarrett
  Third Place: Laurence Donohoe
  Winning Team: Derby: - Nick Stocks, Mark Jarrett, Graham Tilly
  Second Place Team: Dorset Nomads: Laurence Donohoe, Paul Frith, Dave Howes
  'Bad Day' Award: Graham Tilley: For failure of 2 flank marches to appear
WRG 7th Edition 15mm Competition:
  Winner: Nick Scott
  Second Place: John Buckley
  Third Place: Andy Wilson
  'Bad Day' Award: Steve Mardon: For demonstrating why the French lost at Poitiers, Crecy and Agincourt (and loosing 6 generals)
Best Display Game 2013:
  Winner: 3-way tie between:
Border Reivers Wargames Society: Vietnam: Apocalypse Now
    Like a Stone Wall Wargames Group: Assault on Mons Salient (WW1)
    Old Derby WA: Relief of Fort St.John (French Indian Wars)
Best Participation Game 2013:
  Winner: Leicester Phat Cats: "Vikings!": A Zombie Saga
  Second Place: Malifaux Henchmen: Malifaux and Puppet Wars
  Third Place: Wings of Glory Aerodrome Forum: WW1 & WW2 Air Combat