Winner: Jez Evans
BGMR Modern Individual Competition:
  Winner: Alex Martin
  Second Place : Paul Lymath
  Winning Team: Deserting Rats: - Alex Martin, Paul Lymath
  Sportsmanship: Alan Ockelford
D.B.M.M. 15mm Competition:
  Winner: Ian Sims
  Second Place: Ian Austin
  Third Place: Mike Pickering
  Winning Team: Inert: - Ian Austin, Ian McKay, Chris Jolley
  Second Place Team: The only way is Essex: - Mike Bennett, Greg Mann, Mark Hare
  Third Place Team: MK Blue: - Mike Newnham, Ian Sims, Mark Carmichael
Fields of Glory 15mm Ancient & Medieval Competition:
  Winner: Achilles & Ramses Ian Speed
  Winner: Empire of the Greeks Frederic Dufour
  Winner: Cross & Cresent Olivier Dader
  Winning Team: France B: - Frederic Dufour, Oliver Dader, Guillaume Fremont
  Second Place Team: Alumwell: - Ian Speed, Dino Monticoli, Ade Ball
  Third Place Team: Pinner: - Graham Evans, Wayne Dare, Keith Martin-Smith
Fields of Glory 15mm Renaissance Competition:
  Winner: Early Western European Renaissance Dave Allen
  Winner: From the British Restoration to the Treaty of the Hague Simon LeRay Mayer
  Winner: Mainland Asia and the Near East John Munro
  Winning Team: Oxford:- Alasdair Hartley, Ben Jones, Paddy Bray
  Second Place Team: Milton Keynes: - Don Avis, Jim Gibson, Richard Bodley-Scott
Flames of War: Individual Competition
  Winner: Jez Evans
  Second Place: Keith Fisher
  Third Place: James Hamilton
  Best Painted Allied: Simon Monks
  Best Painted Axis: Mark Clarke
  Most Sporting : Phil Rood
  Best Terrain Steve Hazeldine
Impetus 28mm Ancient & Medieval Competition:
  Winner: David (Dax) Robertson
  Second Place: Ross Broadstock
  Third Place: Frazer Watson
  'Bad Day' Award: Colin Brewer
Impetus 15mm Ancient & Medieval Competition:
  Winner: David (Dax) Robertson
  Second Place: Steve Irvin
WAB Competition:
  Winner: Jeff Barnfield
  Second Place: Malcolm Barnfield
WRG 6th Edition 25mm Competition:
  Winner: Nick Stocks
  Second Place: Mark Jarrett
  Third Place: Dave Howes
  Winning Team: Derby: - Nick Stocks, Mark Jarrett, Graham Tilly
WRG 7th Edition 15mm Competition:
  Winner: John Buckley
  Second Place: Justin Keeley
  Third Place: Oliver Gammon
  'Bad Day' Award: Ian Hadley
Best Display Game 2013:
  Winner: Leicester Phat Cats: "Booster Ridge" (Yom Kippur War)
  Second Place: Skirmish Wargamers: Battle of El-Teb 1884
  Third Place: Stoke on Trent Wargames Group: Battle of Balaclava
Best Participation Game 2013:
  Winner: First Corps: "Crossed Lances"; a Medieval Joust
  Second Place: Wings of Glory Aerodrome Forum: WW1 & WW2 Air Combat
  Third Place: COGS (Chesterfield): Once Upon a Time