6th Edition 25mm Team Competition:
Winners: Derby A: - Nick Stocks, Mark Jarrett, Graham Tilly
Second Place: Dorset Nomads: - Laurence Donohoe, Dave Howes, Paul Frith
Third Place: Reading A :- Alun Mackrill,Simon Enefer, Dave Frampton
6th Edition 25mm Individual Competition
Winner: Nick Stocks
Second Place: Laurence Donohoe
Third Place: Richard Hardy
7th Edition Individual Competition
Winner: John Buckley
Second Place: Steve Pearce
Third Place: David Hutchby
'Bad Day' Award: Ian Handley
BGMR Modern Individual Competition:
Winner: Paul Lymath
Second Place : Steve Stead
Winning Team: Forelorn Hope: - Steve Stead, Joe Connolly
Sportsmanship: Joe Connolly
'Bad Bay' Award: Geoff Hanney
Flames of War: Individual Competition
Winner: Jez Evans
Second Place: Luca Zanaica
Third Place: Steve Charlton
Best Painted Allied: Ian Mann
Best Painted Axis: Sam Street
Most Sporting : Peter Entwistle
D.B.M.M. 15mm Competition:
Winner: Phil Hosker
Second Place: Ian MacKay
Third Place: John Fletcher
Winning Team: Inert: - Chris Jolley, Ian Austin, Greg Mann
Second Place Team: MK Whites: - Steve Bainbridge, Neil Sutherland, Phil Hosker
Third Place Team: Ian, Mike & Ray: - Ian MacKay, Mike Bennett, Ray Briggs
Fields of Glory 15mm Ancient & Medieval Competition:
Winner: Decline of the Chariot Graham Evans
Winner: Barbarians at the Gates Dave Handley
Winner: Advent of Gunpowder David Bannister
Winning Team: Warlords: - Nik Sharpe, Dave Handley, Eric Doman
Second Place Team: MAWS: - Dave Ruddock, Ian Stewart, James Hamilton
Third Place Team: Pinner: - Graham Evans, Keith Martin-Smith, Wayne Dave
Fields of Glory 15mm Renaissance Competition:
Winner: Early European Alasdair Hartley
Winner: Rise of Firearms Richard Bodley-Scott
Winner: Asia, Africa & Americas Dave Allen
Winning Team: Milton Keynes: - Don Avis, Richard Bodley-Scott, Jim Gibson
Second Place Team: Oxford:- Alasdair Hartley, Ben Jones, Paddy Bray
Impetus 28mm Ancient & Medieval Competition:
Winner: Ross Broadstock
Second Place: James Irvin
Third Place: David (Dax) Robertson
  Best Painted Army: Matt Todd
Impetus 15mm Ancient & Medieval Competition:
Winner: Steve Irvin
Second Place: Dax Robertson
Best Display Game 2012:
Joint Winner: Like a Stone Wall - "Oriamendi"
  Joint Winner: The Boondock Saints - "Peterwardien"
Highly Commended: Cranwell Old Dirigibles - "Target for tonight"
Highly Commended: Leicester Phat Cats - "Operation Charnwood"
Highly Commended: Scarab Miniatures - "Amphipolos"
Best Participation Game 2012:
Winner: Derby - "Where's Charlie"
Highly Commended: Leeds - "Sink the Bismark"
Highly Commended: Warlord Games - "Bolt Action"
Highly Commended: West Wind Productions - "Empire of the Dead"
Winner: Graham Evans

5th/6th October International Exhibition Centre Donington Park Derby