Participation Games

Baccus: Mini-ECW

A quick playing English Civil War game for one or two players in the traditional Baccus Reduced Wargaming manner.

Border Reivers: Cross of Iron
World War 2 Russian Front 28mm scale game based on the motion picture "Cross of Iron".

COGS: Frostgrave
Three Frostgrave games: 1 starter game at 2ftx2ft in size
1 dungeon at 3ftx3ft
1 city/urban at 3ftx3ft.

COGS: Three Shades of Majesty
We will be running 3 participation games based on the well-tried IHMN

Lost World (After the book by Conan Doyle)
Dinosaurs, Explorers and savage Apemen

Streets of London (Victorian London)
The Whitechapel police face threats from an eclectic mix of adversaries

Blood against Blood (Viking Civil War using Blood Eagle)
Various Norse factions fight it out for the crown

These games use fast-play adaptations, with the aim of creating enjoyable games played in around 30 minutes.
Note: The majesty refers to, respectively, a Tyrannosaurus Rex, Queen Victoria and Harald Hardrada…

Grantham: Discworld Witch racing (SUNDAY ONLY)
A participation game where the players use the Witches from Discworld in a race around the Unseen University.

Great Escape Games: The Chicago Way
1920's Prohibition.

Harrogate Wargames Club: "To Sleep is to Die" (SATURDAY ONLY)

A participation game set during the retreat from Moscow in 1812 using the Sharp Practice 2 rules.

A small French column is retreating through the snow and attempts to capture a small village in order to obtain shelter to rest up overnight. Unfortunately a Russian force is already in the village while groups of marauding Cossacks harry the French flanks.
Can the French survive the harsh winter, Cossacks and wolves as well as the Russians or will the Russians hold out and defeat the French column?

Leicester Phat Cats: SCUD Alley

2016 is the 25th Anniversary of the First Gulf War and so Leicester Phat Cats present 'SCUD Alley'.
During the 1991 Gulf War, in response to coalition air strikes against his forces, Saddam Hussein ordered a series of SCUD missile strikes against Israel. In order to placate Israel and keep the stability of the fragile coalition, commanders decided to commit special operations forces to the SCUD hunt. The British looked to several Special Air Service (SAS) squadrons they had to hand. An operation was quickly drawn up for them to enter the desert and seek out the SCUDs, their launchers and associated infrastructure.
It's a race against time. You must take your team on a cat and mouse infiltration and evade operation. Can you avoid the sentries in order to get your team in to position and call in an airstrike before the missile is launched…..?

Mansfield Wargames Club: Battle of Fuentes de Orono
An engagement of the Peninsular War fought between the British and the French forces on 5 May 1811.

Reading Independent Wargamers: Pandeminion

Skirmish game where Minions fight to rescue Gru from the evil clutches of Anne Thrax and her horde of Germons. Each player takes the role of 1 Minion.
The Villain Ann Thrax has created a small race of sentient Bacterium known as Germons using a mixture of a chemical catalyst NZ51 and raw sewage. This is known as the Cameron Pathogen. These creatures infect target placing them under the control of Ann Thrax.
Gru, Dr Nefarious and all of the Minions have been infected, except Kevin, Stuart & Bob. These three have gained control of Dr Flux`s time machine and have bought back a single Minion from each time period in order to defeat Ann Thrax and the Germons.

Reluctant Conscripts: Team Yankee

Third World War 1985.

River Horse Games: Terminator

Second Thunder: Open Combat
Open Combat is an up close and personal universal miniatures skirmish game where you command your warband in close quarter fighting.
We have two participation games to choose from: fantasy adventurers vs underground denizens or historical Celts vs Romans.
Come and join us in Open Combat!

Society of Ancients: Battle of Northampton
In association with the Northampton Battlefields Trust.
The battle was fought between the Lancastrian forces under King Henry VI and the army of Yorkists under Edward, Earl of March and Warwick the Kingmaker on 10 July 1460.

The Wargames Zone: Mortem et Gloriam
A demonstration and teaching session for the new set of ancients wargame rules.

Toofatlardies: Viva Ras Begus! (SATURDAY ONLY)
A game showcasing the 'Sharpe Practice II' skirmish game.

Wargames Emporium: Command Horizon

The 6mm Sci-Fi game based around tank warfare between Humans and Alien races.

Wargames Emporium: Frostgrave
Fantasy Skirmish Game presented by North Star Military Figures.

Warlord Games: Konflict '47

Our new 28mm Weird War II game.

Warlord Games: Bolt Action Demonstration
Try our WW2 28mm game.

Warploque Miniatures: ArcWorlde - Troubles in the North
ArcWorlde is frozen in a sorcerous winter. New monsters, warbands and heroes clash in the next exciting chapter of the 32mm wargame.

Wyrd Henchmen: Malifaux
Malifaux is a character driven 32mm scale tabletop skirmish game where players lead crews to achieve randomly chosen strategies and selected schemes. Players collect, build and paint models representing the denizens of Malifaux to match their preferred tactics and tools – from out-and-out fighters, through masters of the arcane arts and leaders of the undead, to the nightmare inhabitants of Malifaux itself. Settings are Victorian Steampunk related, but influences from the Old West and Far East are also present.

Come and try out this card driven game and see if you can cheat fate, but remember that in Malifaux bad things happen.

York Wargames Society: Planet Earth - End Game
Sponsored by Pig Iron Productions
Three fast paced participation games to represent the End Game of earth. We will be running a new set of rules called End Game. They are designed to give a fast play set of rules. We are presenting 3 scenarios for your pleasure:

Can you survive the hordes of mutated humans in post-apocalyptic earth? Where is the convoy? Was that Corporal Jones over there or is your imagination playing games with you again? Is the cavalry actually coming or are you and your team on your own? Play either the mutate hordes or crack commando team in this scenario.

Final Termination
Terminator was not just a film it was a prediction of the future. There are no humans only two fractions of robots left fighting for control of the earth. Take control of Skynet Robotic Soldiers or United Androidic Front Soldiers and battle for control over the last remaining main frame on earth. Your metal frame depends on it!

Eternal Winter
The sun is no more. The earth has become frozen and the few remaining nations' battle for control of what little is left of the natural resources. Take command of a squad of ragtag soldiers and make that final break through. Final victory is only just over that frozen ridge!


Demonstration Games


Barely Legal Wargames Club: Battle of Carabobo
Black Powder game in 28mm
Battle of Carabobo in Gran Columbia (Now Venezuela) in 1821. The final battle of the South American Wars of Independence between the forces of Spain and Gran Columbia.
Burton and District Wargames Club:

Cheshire and Staffordshire Wargamers: First Battle of Bull Run
An ACW game using Rank and File rules..

Derby Wargames Society: The Siege of Athlone June 1691
The third year of the War of the Three Kings (fought between King James II, King William III & King Louis XIV between 1689 and 1691) found Ireland roughly split by the River Shannon, with the bulk of the Jacobite army being in control of the Connacht (i.e. western) side and the Williamite army on the eastern side. The town of Athlone straddled the Shannon and formed one of the main river crossings. Following the siege of 1690, the Jacobites started on a program to strengthen and modernise the defences on the western bank of the river. The job was given to a French engineer Robert who, following the Vauban method, submitted plans for the construction of a number of outworks to protect the English town. Unfortunately only some of the works had been completed. The eastern "Irish" side of the town was only protected by earthen ramparts and although the French engineers had requested that these be demolished to allow troops easy access to the town in the event the walls were breached the governor, Sir Nicholas Fitzgerald, refused to do so until it was too late.
As well as the town garrison the French marshal St Ruth, commanding the Jacobite army, had positioned his field army of some 14,000 troops within a couple of miles of the Irish town in a defensive position between two boggy areas and even rotated regiments through the town during the siege to allow troops to recover. In an unfortunate coincidence one such regiment, the Earl of Clancicharde's, suffered the fury of the Williamite siege artillery having suffered at the hands of the same gunners the previous year at the Battle of the Boyne as the occupiers of the village of Oldbrige.
The Williamite army was commanded by the Dutch general, Goddard van Reede Ginkel. His army consisted of 20,000 English, Protestant Irish, Dutch, Danish and French Huguenot troops. Ginkel concentrated his siege battery, consisting of ten 12/18lb cannons, on a bastion on the eastern section of wall near the old Dublin gate. The artillery opened fire on the morning of the 20th of June and by mid afternoon Ginkel had called a meeting of the officers to plan an assault on the breach that had been made that morning. The assault was scheduled for 1700 that evening, began at 1800 and by 1900 the Williamites controlled the English town.
By nightfall, Ginkel had brought his artillery inside the town and started what was the greatest bombardment in British military history to that day into the Irish town. He was content to continue with this until the 24th when a cavalry patrol was sent upriver to check for a possible crossing point. However, the officer in charge could not resist attempting to capture a large herd of cattle on the Connaught side of the river and was spotted by Jacobite scouts. By the 30th, Ginkel had reduced the Irish town enough and ordered a full assault which ended with the capture of the town for a loss of only 60 men killed and 120 injured.

The Game
The game is a amalgamation of the siege events, it starts with the Williamite assault force entering the town with 332 men (some in siege armour) to move directly through to and hold the eastern edge of the bridge with a second wave of four battalions to clear the town. The game then moves on to the Williamites moving up siege artillery into the town and building pontoon bridges to cross the Shannon.
The terrain and figures are from the collections of Mark Shearwood, Mark Oats, Stuart Parkin and Will Parkin.
We don't bite (much) so please feel free to ask any questions you have. We tend not to play through the game at shows but will be moving troops during the game so come back and see how the Williamites get on during the day.

Grimsby Wargames Society: The Four Days Battle 11-14 June 1666
The Greatest sea battle in the age of sail. The year being the 350th anniversary of this epic sea battle between the English and Dutch Navies.
" The noise of the guns was so loud that they could be heard in London, 100 miles away.
" One English ship fought off 3 fire ships.
" The highest ranking English Admiral ever to surrender did so during this battle.

The game will represent every ship present, some 200 vessels in 1200th scale. All have been extensively researched and the Langton models are superbly painted and rigged.

Jase & Kev: The Battle of Carentan
The WW2 battle using 15mm Flames of War rules.

KB Club: Invasion of Salastor
200 Years of the Herosine Empire: Invasion of Salastor - a sci-fi Maneouvre group 144th game with a Herosine attack force assailing the (new) Tarrainian Federation ground army.

KB Club: Cold War Amphibious Assault
A Maneouvre Group 144th scale game with an amphibious Soviet assault force (featuring swimming BTR-60s) attacking a German position.

Lead Commanders: Waterloo 1815
The Battle of Waterloo game is in 6mm scale with contoured terrain made to illustrate the impact of that the geography had on the battle.

Like a Stone Wall Group: Battle of Hastings (1066)

L'Ordre Mixte: The Battle of Dresden - Murat's Flank
The Battle of Dresden was fought on 26-27 August 1813 around Dresden, Germany, resulting in a French victory under Napoleon against forces of the Sixth Coalition of Austrians, Russians and Prussians under Field Marshal Schwartzenberg.

Plastic Soldier: Break into Tobruk
Preview of the 'Battlegroup Tobruk' campaign supplement.

Scarab: The Somme: Zero Hour (SATURDAY ONLY)
Join Scarab Miniatures in recreating part of the Somme Offensive in 1916. Using 28mm miniatures from both Scarab and Great War Miniatures and the forthcoming rule set called "The Great War: Zero Hour"

Shellhole Scenics, E.W.M. & C.T.K. : "Achtung Gringo"
20mm Mexican revolution set in the north Mexican desert, with train, deep valley side and canyon.

Sons of Simon Demontfort Club: "Buritos and Revolution"
A 20mm scale game set during the Mexican revolution around 1915 using figures from Shellhole Scenics.
A battalion a side battles over an arid landscape full of nothing but cactus, a railway line and a small walled village….

The Boondocks Sayntes: Rorke's Drift
Sharpe Practice with a cast of thousands.

The Ilkley Lads: Lobositz 1756

The Battle of Lobositz or Lovosice also Lowositz on 1 October 1756 was the opening land battle of the Seven Years' War. Frederick the Great's 28,000 Prussians were prevented by 33,000 Austrians under Maximilian Ulysses Count von Browne from continuing their invasion into the rich Bohemian plain, forcing Frederick to ultimately fall back north into Saxony for the winter.

The Lead Commanders: Waterloo

With contoured terrain to show the impact of the geography

Westbury Wargamers: Battle of Rain 1632

Guestavus Adolphus crosses the river Lech near the city of Rain to lead an Swedish assault uphill against Imperial fortified positions under the command of Count Johan Tzerclaes von Tilly.

Yorkshire Renegades: Operation Market Garden: Nijmmegen, "A Tale of Two Bridges"
Operation Market Garden is reaching a critical moment and it is imperative that the American Airbourne and British Guards punch through the German lines and secure the bridges at Nijmegen.
Our game will be a 28mm Bolt Action game played over two large tables parallel to each other which are connected by two large bridges between them both.


Society Stands

ACWS (American Civil War Society )
Re-enactment society stand.

Pike and Shot Society
Recruiting stand.
"For really I thinke that the poorest hee that is in England hath a life to live, as the greatest hee, and therefore Truly Sr I thinke itt clear that every Man that is to live undr a Government ought first by his own Consent to put himself under that Government; and I do think that the poorest man in England is not at all bound in a strict sense to that Government that he hath not had a voice to put Himself under"
Thomas Rainborowe, c1610-1648

Society of Ancients and Northampton Battlefields Society
Society Stand.

SSAFA is the oldest military charity in the UK. We provide lifelong support to our Forces and their families".
We will be displaying posters, leaflets, and other information relating to our charity. We will have a selection of items available for which we ask donations. These are bullet key rings, wristbands, some military books, pens and raffle tickets to our annual prize draw.