Participation Games

Baccus 6mm: Old Contemptibles
A Great War version of our reduced games series. Quick, furious and very deadly, each game allows you to take the part of the BEF or an attacking German force.

Border Reivers: The Wild Bunch
The Mexican Revolution 1917:
The participants each have a character who have to make their way from the Cantina to free their compadre before fending off hoards of Mexican troops. They must then make their way to the waiting train and escape.
Lots of props and sound effects….

Derby Wargames Society: Napoleonic Assault
Can you break through the British Line?
A 6mm one to one scale participation game, where a British battalion takes all comers in the Napoleonic period.

Great Escape Games: Iron Cross
The new WW2 rules from Great Escape Games.

Lance & Longbow Society: Wars of the Roses
A big Wars of the Roses battle fought using DBA rules and 28mm figures.

Leicester Phat Cats: Alien vs Predator - The hunt begins
An action packed game in which Aliens, Predators and Colonial Marines fight through a Labyrinthine Weyland-Yutani complex.

Malifaux Henchmen: Malifaux & Puppet Wars
Malifaux is a steampunk skirmish game set in an alternative world where a variety of crews compete against each to control the valuable resource of Soul Stones. Take control of a small Guild or Neverborn crew and learn the basics of this intriguing game.
Puppet Wars is a board game based on the Malifaux universe where voodoo puppets try to take control of the toy box. An ideal family game.

While the local warlord patrols the edge of his kingdom the Saxons land in a secluded cove close to a centre of religious importance. Will it be possible for the tribes to gather to the Banner before the desecration happens. The warlord uses his charisma to urge his followers into ever greater deeds of daring do. The Saxons must be beaten.
A 28mm scenario using figures from the Romano British range manufactured by Curteys Miniatures, come and have a chat with us, take charge of a warband for a while and see if you can influence the eventual outcome.

Plastic Soldier: Command & Colours: WW1
The Great War: participation game playing Somme and Vimy Ridge scenarios from the core game.

Plastic Soldier: Battlegroup - Western Desert 1940
A taster of the new Battlegroup Western Desert 1940 due for release April 2016.
Saturday: demonstration game.
Sunday: teach in session.

Reluctant Conscripts: Great War 1918
This is a participation game using the Great War Flames of War Supplement rules by Battlefront. The game will be fought over a No Man's land and trench system with pre- assigned objectives. It will follow the type of scenarios in the GW supplement but the forces will be carefully chosen to enable the participants to play a game in about 45 minutes. It will be a cut down version of Villers Bretonneux with 2 or 3 tanks on each side.
The aim will be to show players how the FoW rules adapt to WW1 and how the specific rules for WW1 tanks really do capture the behaviour of MkIV's, Whippets and the A7V's. However the infantry still remain the backbone of a force.
Scores will be awarded and there will be a modest prize for the best player each day.

River Horse Games: Terminator Genisys War Against The Machines
In the ravaged wasteland left after the nuclear holocaust of Judgment Day, the Human Resistance, led by the legendary John Connor, is locked in a desperate conflict against Skynet's pitiless machines.
Who will ultimately survive in The War Against the Machines?

S.T.A.G.s Telford: Dust
World War 2 to 1947. The World has moved forward still in chaos. SUNDAY ONLY

Scattered (VSD/ABW) with Hammer&Ales:
The Chase (Daleks v Mechanoids) and Dalek Civil War.
Play as Daleks or Mechanoids in an attempt to either take down the Doctor (The Chase) or in an attempt to recruit the Mechanoids to your faction (Dalek Civil War). Set in a raised Mechanoid base above the jungle, players need to avoid the native 'Gubbage cones' before entering the base to carry out their mission. Be careful though, Mechanoid weapons have a tendency to implode and take out friend and foe, and there's always the Dalek Special Weapon (abomination) to worry about…

Second Thunder

Open Combat Skirmish.

Society of Ancients and Northampton Battlefields Society: The Battle of Yarmuk 636AD
This is a DBA historical participation game using traditional 30mm flats.
Yarmuk was the decisive battle which broke Eastern Rome's grip on Palestine and the Near East. Our wargame brings a classic collection of early wargame figures from the collections of Tony Bath, Deryck Guyler and Phil Barker back into tabletop service to recreate a little known but epoch making battle from late antiquity.

Wargames Emporium: Retro Raygun
A 28mm SciFi game in the spirit of the old Flash Gordon and Dan Dare stories of the 50's.

Wargames Emporium: Frostgrave 'Northstar'
Dueling wizards and their warbands fight over the relics of a frozen city.

Wargames Emporium: Command Horizon
A 6mm SciFi game centred around tank combat.

Wargames Emporium: Battle of Beersheba
Battle centred around the famous cavalry charge of the Australian Light Horse against the Turks in WW1.

Warlord Games:
Gates of Antares SciFi game.

Wings of Glory Aerodrome Forum
Aerial dogfights from both World Wars.

Demonstration Games


Barely Legal Wargaming Club: The Battle of the Scheldt in winter 1944
Canadian 1st Army undertakes an amphibious and land offensive into a German held northern Dutch village. Using the Warlord Games Bolt Action rules with 28mm figures and vehicles.

Boondocks Sayntes: 'Fousands of 'em ...... sounds like a train!
A small Anglo Natal force attempt to hold the line against literally thousands of angry Zulus.
28mm AW miniatures with Perry and Empress figures recreate a desperate struggle against overwhelming odds with Black Powder rules.
Genial company; the pick of Mr Gendle's cellar; and a host of extras combine to produce a memorable vista.
"You will follow my orders or it will be my unpleasant duty to remove you from your command"!

Peter Bradford: Battle of McPhersons Ridge
From the first day of the Battle of Gettysburg fought at a 28mm scale, featuring the Lutheran Seminary. The game includes all the cavalry and infantry regiments that took part at a 1:13 figure ratio, and utilises the 'Fire and Fury' regimental rules.

Burton and District Wargames Club: Battle of Teutoburg Forest

Arminius' triumph in 9AD. In which an alliance of Germanic tribes ambushed three Roman legions to deadly effect.

Cobridge Old Contemptibles: Brienne – 29 January 1814

After the liberation of Saint Dizier, Napoleon learns that Blucher is crossing the Aube river at Lesmont, to the south. By a swift manoeuvre, he has the opportunity to appear in Blucher’s back while Mortier attacks him from the south. Taken in such an hazardous position Blucher’s army risks total destruction. A fate that could turn the campaign of France, much in favour of Napoleon, given the already hesitating coalition. Fortunately for him, Blucher intercepts the instructions from Napoleon to Mortier and quickly turns back in direction of the army of Bohemia. To add to Napoleon’s misfortune, the weather warms up and the roads, frozen for days, turn into mud, much slowing his army. When he catches up with the bulk of Blucher’s army, it’s already too late for the trap to succeed. Despite this, in desperate need for a victory to show to the French people, Napoleon decides for a frontal attack. Blucher cannot refuse it as its baggage is still on the road from Brienne to Dienville.

Derby Wargames Society: The War in Ireland 1689 - 1691
The catholic army of James II of England (which have been supported by King Louis XIV of France) attempted to win the whole of Ireland from the mainly protestant forces of William III. The William’s army is a mixture of Brandenburg, English, Danish, Dutch, Huguenot French and Irish English.
The game looks at what might have happened if Jacobite army had made a stand at Adree rather than falling back to the river Boyne, using 28mm miniatures and Beneath the Lilly Banners Rules.

The Ilkeley Lads: Marignano 1515
Francis I of France wins his spurs: Outside the small town of Marignano the fate of Milan was decided in one of the major engagements of the Italian Wars.

KB Club: Maneouvre Group: Market Garden
Maneouvre Group 144th World War 2, a battle set during operation Market Garden.

The Lead Commanders: The Battle of Waterloo (18 June 1815)
The Lead Commanders group are running the Waterloo Campaign throughout 2015, culminating with the Battle of Waterloo demonstrated at the World Wargames convention in October.
The game is in 6mm scale with contoured terrain made to illustrate the impact of that the geography had on the battle.

Like a Stone Wall Group: Battle of Quatre Bras (16 June 1815)
Napoleon is back and the French have invaded the Netherlands. Can the allied British, Hanoverian and Netherlands force block the left wing of the French army under Marshall Ney and prevent them getting behind the Prussian army fighting Napoleon at Ligny.
Follow us at:

L'Ordre Mixte Club: The Struggle for Hougoument
Our display using 28mm figures covers the epic battle for the farm of Hougoumont which was part of the Historical Battle of Waterloo 18 June 1815.
In 1815 the chateau and farm of Hougoumont including the surrounding orchards lay in a hollow some 12 miles from Brussels and would have most probably faded from history if 9 hours of bitter fighting had not taken place around it. Some 7,000 British and Allied troops were involved throughout the battle tying up over 15,000 French troops which were much needed elsewhere that day. Over 6,500 men were killed or wounded in the fighting.
Our re-fight starts at approximately 11:30am on that historic day with Hougoumont and the Great Orchard being held by troops from the 2nd Guards, 2nd Netherlands and 1st Hanoverian brigades overwhelmingly outnumbered and facing advancing troops of the whole French 6th Division commanded by Napoleon's brother: Lieutenant General Prince Jerome Bonaparte, supported by more French Divisions: the 5th Division commanded by Lieutenant General Bachelu and the 9th Division commanded by Lieutenant General Foy.
Hougoumont was the key to the right flank of Wellington's defence. Can his troops keep possession of this vital position again today or will it fall to the French and change history?
Only time will tell.

Plastic Soldier: Battlegroup - Western Desert 1940
A taster of the new Battlegroup Western Desert 1940 due for release April 2016.
Saturday: demonstration game.
Sunday: teach in session.

Sons of Simon DeMontfort: Rebel Yell
A 12mm ACW game inspired by one of CS Grants Table Top Teasers.
A Union division has surprised a smaller Confederate force who must try to stop them getting off the table to attack the main confederate armies flank. There is all to play for.

Stafford Games (Roland’s Rats): The Battle of Gross Beeren
Marshal Oudinot commander of the French Army of Berlin had been ordered to quickly take Berlin and to disarm and scatter its militia, destroying the city if it resisted.
To do this Oudinot had three corps, his own plus Bertrand and Reynier and a force of cavalry. Unfortunately Napoleon had underestimated his enemy and Oudinot's forces were not strong enough to take Berlin either in quantity or quality, being made up largely of raw recruits. Oudinot continued his master's mistake and believed the Prussians to be much weaker than they really were and poor intelligence meant that on the morning of 23rd August his troops blundered into the Prussian forces and a scattered battle began as the French started to engage.
Our game will be played using 6mm MDF figures produced by Commission Figurines. We will be using the Volley & Bayonet rules.

Stoke on Trent Wargames Group: Nobunaga's Castle
A fictional Samurai battle using 28mm figures.

Telford Wargames Club: "black ops in neu kyoto"
A black ops unit from the Nomads faction seek to download the consciousness of an imperial courtier. Can operatives from the imperial secret service eliminate the treat in time?
A 28mm 'Infinity' game.

Westbury Wargamers: The Battle of Poltava, 1709
28mm presentation of this crucial end to Charles XII's seemingly unstoppable campaign in Russia.
A mix of arrogance, wishful thinking, heroism and ultimately madness the duel between the small ultra professional Swedish army and the immense conscripted beast forged by Tsar Peter 'the Great' saw the end of Sweden as a European great power and the rise of Russia as a modern C18th state.

Worley Books: Battle of Genappe (17 June 1815)
The British cavalry covers the allied army as it withdraws from Quatre Bras to make its stand at Waterloo. Fought on a large historical map of the area.

York Wargames Society: "Deliver us from evil" - UN Operations in Africa
York Wargames Society present a selection of scenarios based on hypothetical UN operations in Africa that may have happened in recent years. There will be four scenarios run over the course of the weekend including warring militias, scheming warlords and sneaky covert operations by superpowers. The only question to ask is did they actually happen?
We will be using a wide selection of 28mm figures and vehicles from a range of manufacturers all painted to a high standard. Not forgetting the 'looks good' and very playable terrain that will be on the table. Rules will be based on Ambush Alley's market leading rules for modern combat Force on Force.
Please come over and speak to us about the game.

Yorkshire Renegades: Last Defence of Berlin - Bolt Action
The Russians are closing in on the Berlin and pushing deep into the city ruins. Remaining German defenders have gathered their strength and what weapons remain and have made good their defences ready to repel the invading force.

Society Stands

ACWS (American Civil War Society )
Re-enactment society stand.

Lance & Longbow Society
Society Stand.

Pike and Shot Society
Recruiting stand.
"For really I thinke that the poorest hee that is in England hath a life to live, as the greatest hee, and therefore Truly Sr I thinke itt clear that every Man that is to live undr a Government ought first by his own Consent to put himself under that Government; and I do think that the poorest man in England is not at all bound in a strict sense to that Government that he hath not had a voice to put Himself under"
Thomas Rainborowe, c1610-1648

Society of Ancients and Northampton Battlefields Society
Society Stand.

SSAFA (the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association)
We are the oldest military charity in the UK, providing lifelong support for our Forces and their families. We hope to raise awareness of our charity.
We support serving men and women, veterans and their families, this includes all those who served through national service, many of whom don't realise they can be eligible for help or that we are there to help them. The awareness raising has a dual purpose. It also helps to make non-service people aware of our potential availability for members of their family who have served and who maybe in need of help. We take referrals from relatives to assist and support those in need.

Vikings of Middle England
We are a Viking re-enactment group.
Come and see the Viking weapons and games on our stand.

Painting demonstrations

Dr Mike's Painting Clinic
See how to paint 6mm figures quickly and effectively and have a go yourself, or just talk painting. Some of the techniques are of course applicable to other scales.