This year we are promised over 50 Display Games and Society Stands, including 27 Participation Games

Please note a few of these are Saturday only or Sunday only.

Below the table there are more details on some of the games

Participation Games
COGS (Chesterfield) Lark Rise to Ripper Street  
CROW Venutius' Revenge Britons attack a Roman fort
CROW The assault on Crows Nest Hab A Judge Dredd scenario
Derby Wargames Club "A United Kingdom? Circa 1540" The Boarders, Scottish or English. A border reiver game.
GCN Tank (Flames of War)  
Leicester Phat Cats "Vikings!": A Zombie Saga A raid on the monastery releases the walking dead
Malifaux Henchmen Malifaux and Puppet Wars Voodoo puppets come to life: Miniature based board game
Manchester Mob Night of the Dead / Squig race / Arena of Death Soldiers & zombies, mines & goblins or aliens: your choice
Reading Indep Wgmrs Monsters Brawl Skirmish game of monster violence and wrestling (of sorts)
Sarge Bolt Action WWII in 28mm
Sheffield Amazon's Attack Athens  
Wings of Glory Aerodrome Forum WW1 Zepplin Raid  
Wings of Glory Aerodrome Forum WW2 Battle of Britain  
Baccus 6mm Old Putees  
Crossed Lances Crossed Lances Tourney Free Entry competition
East Street Games Valhalla (Dark Age Skirmish) Come on down and pillage a village
e-Collectica Pandemic Save the World from an outbreak of virulent diseases
Plastic Soldier Battlegroup  
Prodos Games Warzone Resurrection The Dark Legion threaten to destroy all humanity
Second Thunder Open Combat: a fast-paced tabletop skirmish Romans, Saxons or Wilderness Adventurers: You choose.
Toofatlardies In the Kessel (East Prussia 1945) SATURDAY ONLY
Urban Construct Beach Assault: 'D-Day'  
Wargames Emporium 2 games: details awaited  
Warploque Miniatures ArcWorlde - Scuffle in the Smamplands Take part in the Beta testing of this fantasy skirmish game
Demonstration Games
Border Reivers Wg Soc. Vietnam: Apocalypse Now  
Burton & District Wg Club Battle of Cloutdsdown Fen Warmachine Demo
Cobridge Old Contempibles American Civil War  
Cranwell Old Dirigibles The Real Sharpe's Battle Peninsular War Napoleonic Brigade level game
Derby Wargames Club Battle of the Marne 1914 French launch a counter attack into the German flank
KB Club Sci-fi at 144th  
KB Club Manouvre Group Armoured Warfare  
Lance and Longbow society Baltic Skirmish 1353  
Leeds Tarawa First USA landing on pacific island opposed by Japanese
Like a Stone Wall Wg Group Assault on Mons Salient 23 August 1914 The first major action of the British Expeditionary Force
L'Ordre Mixte Club Toulouse 1814 (Beresford's Attack)  
Northamptonshire Battlefields Trust Society stand with  
Old DWA Relief of Fort St John Can the British force arrive before the French & Indians
Skirmish Wargamers God Save The Czar - Rescue of the Romanovs SUNDAY ONLY
Sons of Simon DeMontfort A Caribbean Holiday: 1803 The French and English fleets clash
STAGS Wargaming Club (Telford) Kaiserschlact: 1918 German spring offensive SUNDAY ONLY
Stoke on Trent Warg. Grp. Wargods of Olympus: Spartans vs Titans  
Stoke on Trent Warg. Grp. Battle of Kunersdorf, 1759 (Seven Years War) The Prussians fight a joint Russian and Austrian force
The Boondock Sayntes The battle of Baghdad, 1733 Can Nader Shah defeat the Ottoman relief force
The Boondock Sayntes Dr Sawley's Painting Demonstration  
Westbury Wargamers Skirmishing across the Rhine (1945)  
Weston Hardy Combo Race to the River (West Wall break-out) Based on events 70 years ago near to Aachen
Yorkshire Renegades Operation Battle Axe "Halfaya Pass" (1941) The British try to break through the Africa Korps
Barwell Bodyworks Airbrush & Painting Demonstration Demonstration of airbrushing and hand painting
Grahams Wuerkshoppe Oldhammer: Elves & Empire vs Orcs  
Great Escape Games details awaited  
Scarab details awaited maybe Saturday only
Warlord Games Beyond the Gates of Antares  
Society Stands
Cestrefeld (Regia Anglorum)   Dark Age' reenactment society
GCN With COGS games  
Lance and Longbow society    
Pike and Shot Society   Promoting interest in warfare in the pike and shot era


Participation Games


Chesterfield Gaming Society
Lark Rise to Ripper Street

Scotland Yard is sent to deal with a self-styled Vigilante force in the usually quiet town of Candleford which claims to have been overrun by Itinerant ruffians.
This uses the Storybook or Goal system whereby players seek to achieve their own secretly drawn goals, selecting a team of models from both factions at the start of each turn. Allows up to 8 players. Game time runs from 30 minutes to an hour according to the number of players.

Chesterfield Realms of War (CROWs) & GCN

The assault on Crows Nest Hab

For years the Crows Nets Hab has been a hive of scum and villainy and now the Justice Department has called a Crime Blitz to solve it once and for all!!!
Take control of the street judges as they fight their way through the hab block dispatching justice to all the scum they can find.
Played on a 4x4 table the hab block itself is around 4 feet tall with many walkways obstacles and barriers to overcome.

Venutius' Revenge!

Between 69AD and 117AD Queen Cartimandua was possibly the first Derbyshire lead trader, who collaborated with the invading Roman army by signing a treaty with Rome early in the campaign. However in doing so she had betrayed her husband Venutius who started an uprising against the Romans. Their first target was the Roman fort at Castrafeld (Chesterfield) where they believed Queen Cartimandua was currently located.
Now you will take control of these forces and lead them to victory, but are you a loyal son of Rome or do you seek to bring about their downfall!!
The game will be played on a 6x4 table with the Roman Fort prominent on a hill top with 3 detachments of Roman troops on the table and several detachments of Britons attacking and attempting to gain entry to the fort.

e-Collectica Games


The world is on the verge of disaster and only you and your team can save it!
Several virulent diseases have broken out simultaneously across the globe. You are part of a team of disease-fighting specialists that must work together to come up with a strategy, that will make the most of your team's strengths, so that you can treat the disease hotspots whilst discovering a cure for each of the four plagues before they get out of hand and engulf the continents.
Pandemic is a co-operative, strategy board-game for 2 to 4 players ages 8+.

Gaming Club Network

A tank battle with 15mm models using 'Flames of War' rules. Game time runs from 30 minutes to an hour according to the number of players.

Lance and Longbow Society
Baltic Skirmish 1353

A skirmish game using 28mm figures set somewhere in the Baltic region, in 1353 ad, when Henry of Lancaster went on crusade.

Leicester Phat cats
"Vikingz!" A Zombie Saga

Gunnar Egilsson watched his men carrying the last of the loot to the long ship; these priests of God-Christ were not warriors. They were the same wherever the Northmen met them. They were weak; always pleading but always wealthy. Yet on this western island, the last stop before the endless ocean, something felt different. The mist was colder; the sun a watery glimmer in an iron grey sky barely piercing the gloom. Gunnar was not a superstitious man but he wanted to be away from this place quickly.
Maeve watched the Northmen fill their ship with stolen gold. They had come from the frozen North these reavers and raiders, slaughtering the priests of the Nailed God. What they couldn't know is that the priests had built their temple on an older, deeper place of magic; a place dedicated to Balor, Lord of Death. Maeve chuckled toothlessly. With the priests gone she could feel Balor's power flow like a torrent. She would teach these "Vikings" a lesson in slaughter; they would pay the blood price for trespass. The Sluagh would rise and by the hands of the dead these Northmen would perish!
After an easy raid on an Irish monastery Gunnar Egilsson and his crew find themselves trapped by an army of the walking dead summoned from the netherworld by the deranged hag!
Can the Vikings hack their way to freedom through the hordes of the dead?
Will they succumb to the clawing hands of the corpse army and be dragged down into a Celtic hell?
It's zombie apocalypse circa 820 AD!

Malifaux Henchmen
Malifaux and Puppet Wars

Malifaux is a 28mm skirmish game set in an alternative world with influences ranging from steampunk and Old West to Victorian and Far East. The game uses cards instead of dice, and winning will rely more on guile and skill than on killing your opponent.
Puppet Wars is a board game with miniatures set in the Malifaux universe. Voodoo puppets come to life for a fun game that's quick to pick up, but requires time to master.

Manchester Mob
Night of the Dead

A group of soldiers have to survive the night in an abandoned farmhouse when zombies attack. A co-operative survival horror skirmish game based on games workshops Warhammer.

Squig race
A light hearted race through an old mine system on goblin squigs.

Arena of death
A gladiator style game set in the Warhammer 40K universe. Play as a wych (or an alien) and take on everyone else; to see who is the greatest warrior.

Reading Independent Wargames
Monsters Brawl

28mm skirmish game combining wrestling (of sorts) with Monster related violence.
Glenville Cemetery, the 2nd Annual Monsters Brawl. A collection of the most formidable monsters have come here to fight for the Monsters Brawl Heavyweight Championship. Among the competitors are Wolfman, Mummy, Vampire, Demon Clown, Sasquatch, Leprechaun and the current Heavyweight Champion Frankenstein. Last creature standing takes the belt.
Let's Get Ready to Maim, Kill and Eviscerate.

Bolt Action

This will be a World War 2 participation game for anyone to try the Bolt Action rule system from Warlord Games.

Second Thunder
Open Combat

Open Combat is a fast-paced tabletop skirmish game where you can create the heroes, battles and adventures of your imagination. You can guide the ragtag remains of a Roman expeditionary force through barbarian territory, become a Saxon lord with his retinue as they face off against a local rival or chart the story of a group of adventurers fighting for fortune and glory in a goblin-infested wilderness. It could be anything you wish to play out on the tabletop.
Open Combat is designed to allow you to create your own force in any way you choose, arm and assign skills to your warriors and pit them against your foes.
You can play with a force that fights the way you think it should. Join us and try a participation game to see how it works.

Warploque Miniatures
ArcWorlde - Scuffle in the Swamplands

Take part in the Beta testing of this fantasy skirmish game.

Wings of Glory Aerodrome


A 'Wings of Glory' participation game using 1/144 scale aircraft and a Zeppelin attack.


Battle of Britain or a Pacific carrier strike game using 1/200 scale models.



Demonstration Games

Derby Wargames Society

Battle of the Marne 1914

The French Army with British support launch a counter attack into the flank of the German Schlieffen Plan. On 3 September, Joffre ordered a halt to the French retreat and three days later his reinforced left flank began a general offensive. Kluck's First Army was forced to halt his advance prematurely in order to support his flank. On 9 September Bülow learned that the British Expeditionary Force was advancing into the gap between his 2nd Army and Kluck. He ordered a retreat, obliging Kluck to do the same. The counterattack of the French 5th and 6th Armies and the BEF developed into the First Battle of the Marne, a general counter-attack by the French Army. By 11 September the Germans were in full retreat.
Games users 28mm miniatures and the 'Crush the Kaiser' Rules.


The Invasion of Westrak Sukamor

A coastal attack to re-take the captured city of Westrak Sukamor (a Dwarven city inspired by Western Supermare) by the forces of the Zirakthargûm Divinity (the space Dwarves - a new 3D printed army, this time printed entirely on the home replicator 2) and the Eurasion Solar Union.

Tiger Hunt
A 72nd Manouvre Group World War II game.


A 10mm. game using Blitzkrieg Commander rules of a WWII Pacific coral island. It was the first one that the Americans made as an opposed landing in which the learned a number of lessons the hard way.

'Like a stone wall' Wargames Group
The assault on the Mons Salient 23 August 1914

The Battle of Mons was the first major action of the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) in the First World War
At Mons, the British army attempted to hold the line of the Mons-Condé Canal against the advancing German First Army. Although the British fought well and inflicted disproportionate casualties on the numerically superior Germans, they were eventually forced to retreat due both to the greater strength of the Germans and the sudden retreat of the French Fifth Army, which exposed the British right flank.
Though initially planned as a simple tactical withdrawal and executed in good order, the British retreat from Mons lasted for two weeks and took the BEF to the outskirts of Paris before it counter-attacked in concert with the French, at the Battle of the Marne.


Relief of Fort St. John

Fort St. John has been captured from the French and left with a small holding force to defend it. Now it is a race against time, can the permanent garrison arrive before the French and their Allies arrive to recapture the fort?

Skirmish Wargames Group
God Save the Czar
On Sunday Only.

The Rescue of the Romanovs. 54mm 1/32nd scale skirmish. Tales of Derring Do (TODD) rules. Can the gallant Whites save the Russian royal family from certain death at the hands of the bad bad Bolshies? Will the armoured train arrive in time to whisk them away to safety? Will the only plane in the Red army arrive in time to stop it? Will it ever stop snowing? All these questions and more will be answered in this Back of Beyond game by the Skirmish Wargames Group.

Sons of Simon DeMontford

A Caribbean holiday- 1803

A French and English fleet clash off the Caribbean islands in a fight for the lucrative raw materials produced by the islands.
A 1/200th scale naval game using Napoleonic ships supplied by Red Eagle Miniatures.

S.T.A.G.S (Telford)
WWI 1918 Spring Offensive or Kaiserschlacht (Kaiser's Battle)
On Sunday Only.

As per game title using 28mm Figures and rules "To the Last Man" by Chris Peers.

Stoke Wargames Group
Seven Years War, Battle of Kunersdorf, 1759.

Seven Years War battle of Kunersdorf in 1759 between the Prussian army and the joint armies of Russian and Austrian.
This Demo Game will be played with 15mm figures from multiple manufactures and using a set of rules put together by one of the members of the group.

The Boondocke Sayntes
The battle for Baghdad

1733 and Nader Shah is commanding the largest army ever under his command changes strategy and moves south to besiege Ottoman Baghdad. If he takes Baghdad he can exchange this for the Caucasus -lost Persian territories. The Ottoman Empire is in turmoil following the recent palace coup there would not be a better time to re-establish the Safavid Persian borders lost to the Ottomans
He blockades Kirkuk, and invests Baghdad. Lacking siege artillery he has to rely on months of starving the Ottoman garrison commanded by the wily old fox Ahmad Pasha. On their knees he has agreed to cede the city in the next few days but word comes that the main Ottoman army with the Empire's crack fighting formations are close and just in time to relieve the siege. The Ottomans have recalled the brilliant 74 years old general Topal Osman from disfavoured exile following the coup in 1730.
Nader is undefeated, and has destroyed every Ottoman field force to date. His army is the measure of anything in Europe - highly trained, motivated and devoted to Nader. Should he abandon the siege lines and concentrate on the Ottoman field army or leave a covering force and rely on the Esprit of his undefeated army?
He chooses the latter option and confronts the 80,000 Ottomans deployed with The River Tigris at their back, difficult terrain to their front; withering heat and dust clouds blowing towards them.
The gentlemen Sayntes determine the outcome in decorous 6mm style with the finest selection of wines from the cellar of Mr Gendle's East Yorkshire Estate. Strict dress code applies.

Dr Sawley's Painting Demonstration

See how to paint 6mm figures.

The Old Dirigibles, RAFC Cranwell Wargames Club

The Real Sharpe's Battle

In the TV series of Sharpe the South Essex are depicted as less than 100 people. In The Old Dirigibles 6mm interpretation of Sharpe's Battle from the Cornwell book see the South Essex at a scale of 1 to 4. How easy is it to deploy your Infantry Battalion when it takes up nearly 2ft in a line.
This Peninsular War Brigade level game sees French Brigadier Loup attempting to destroy the South Essex and their Spanish allies. Challenging the norm of most grand battle 6mm games this game sees each Battalion consist of up to 10 company stands which require precision and thought to deploy correctly. Join us as the cannons roar and rockets fly, will the shout of Vive L' Emperereur be too much for Sharpe (yes you can make him out in 6mm) and his chosen men.


Weston Hardy Combo
Race to the River (West Wall brake out)

A 15mm WW2 game, based on actual events Oct 1944; 70 yrs ago before the event! Based on terrain close to Aachen.

Yorkshire Renegrades

Operation Battle Axe "Halfaya Pass"

June 1941: North Africa: Joint British and British Indian forces are trying to push through the German defences on the "Halfaya Pass" to help lift the siege of Tobruk.
Rommel's Afrika Korps have had over 24hrs notice of the attack and in response have dug in deep ready for the impeding struggle.
The game is to depict a small portion of the overall push forward and in game terms has a 3600pt German Army defending against an overall British force of 5100pts.