This year we are promised a total of 44 Display Games and Society Stands, including 21 Participation Games

Please note a couple are Saturday only.

Participation Games
"Escape from Peach Trees" (Judge Dredd) Urban Construct Will the Judge get his arrested perp out of this slum tower?
1812 - Quick Step Baccus 6mm  
2 games: Open Fire and Once Upon a Time COGS (Chesterfield) Introduction to Flames of War / Story book game (EOTD)
Bolt Action (for Warlord Games) Sarge Puts you in command during a battle of WWII
Chain of Command (rules) (Saturday ONLY) Toofatlardies  
Crossed Lances; a Medieval Joust First Corps Use skill and tactics pitting yourself against other knights
D Day Dice e-Collectica Attack the German machine gun! It's dicey business!
Dead Man's Hand Great Escape Games Gunfight in the wild west
Dreadball Mantic  
Dropzone Commander Hawk Wargames The 10mm scale sci-fi massed battle game
Empire of the Dead West Wind Gothic Horror, Steampunk, Victoriana skirmish game
Fanticide (Alien Dungeon) Coalville Centurions Can you get out alive?
Malifaux Wyrd Henchmen Steampunk skirmish
Necromunda/Inffinity and/or Battlegroup Pennine Raiders Sci-Fi skirmish / 20mm WWII battle in a ruined city
Panzer Welt Cranwell Old Dirigibles Normandy 1944: Can you become a 'tank ace'
Quest: Fantasy Skirmish Reading Indep Wgmrs Use weapons, skills, magic and weapons to find 3 items
Society stand with Battle of Bosworth game Society of Ancients Can Richard III win this time?
Star Wars - Death Star Trench Run York Wargames Society Can you beat the Tie Fighters and destroy the Deathstar?
The Deer Slayer becomes Hawkeye Derby Wargames Club Save the lives of a family besieged by indians
Wargods of Aegyptus Dungeon Stoke on Trent Warg. Grp. Explore & win magic items to use in official tournaments
WW1 & WW2 Air Combat (Wings of Glory) Wings of Glory Aerodrome Forum Who can become a fighter ace?
Demonstration Games
"Booster Ridge" (Yom Kippur War) Leicester Phat Cats The Last Line of Defence in the Valley of Tears
Baghavard 1745 The Boondock Sayntes Does Persia crumble and become an Ottoman vassal
Battle for Tunisia 1943 Derby Wargames Club British attack on the Germans & Italians meets the Tiger
Battle of Balaclava Stoke on Trent Warg. Grp. Re-fight of the 2 valleys with the charge of the light brigade
Battle of Hedgeley Moor 1464 Lance and Longbow society The Yorkist forces clash with the Lancastrians
Battle of Trafalgar Square Border Reivers Wg Soc. 1984: The Russians Invade Britain
Battlegroup Fall of the Reich Plastic Soldier  
Boxer Uprising 1900-01 'Russians in Manchuria' Skirmish Wargamers Boxers and Imperial Chinese resist the Russian invaders
Boxtel 15th September 1794 (Saturday ONLY) Caseshot Publishing Wellington's First Battle
Cole's Ridge (Sorauren 28 July 1813) L'Ordre Mixte Club Will the French succeed or will the Allies send them back?
Crossing the Meuse1940 Leeds The German Blitzkrieg meets an obstacle
Distopian Naval Fleet Action Burton & District Wg Club In space no-one can hear ..
Flodden 1513 Like a Stone Wall Wg Group Can the Scots really lose this battle again in 2013?
Kings of War Mantic The Ogres march on the Basilean Hosts
Manouvre Group and SF KB Club 1:72 tank warfare and/or 1:144 Sci-Fi space battle
Marignano 1515 & Bicocca 1522 Westbury Wargamers The Swiss learn lessons in Italy: Decline of the pike
Painting Demonstration The Boondock Sayntes  
Stonne 1940 Sons of Simon DeMontfort WWII Skirmish game, the French resist the Germans
War & Conquest / Mythology (Saturday ONLY) Scarab  
Water War in Whitfield County Cobridge Old Contempibles Wild West: cattlemen, miners, lawmen & hired guns
Society Stands
Society stand Cestrefeld (Regia Anglorum) Anglo-Saxon Re-enactment Group
Society stand Claymore Jacobite Reenactment Group
Society stand Pike and Shot Society Promote wargaming and study of the early modern era