This year we are promissed a total of 48 Display Games and Society Stands, including 20 Participation Games

Full Display Game List is available to download here


These include:-





Malifaux is a character driven 32mm scale tabletop skirmish game where players lead crews to achieve randomly chosen strategies and selected schemes. Players collect, build and paint models representing the denizens of Malifaux to match their preferred tactics and tools - from out-and-out fighters, through masters of the arcane arts and leaders of the undead, to the nightmare inhabitants of Malifaux itself. Settings are Victorian Steampunk related, but influences from the Old West and Far East are also present.

Dice are not used in Malifaux, instead a deck of cards (the Fate Deck - a standard card deck with jokers) is used to resolve game effects in Duels. Each player has a certain number of cards in their hand with which they can alter the duel's outcome - or Cheat Fate. Managing this hand of cards is crucial to the success of your crew each turn, as the hand is not renewed until the next turn. Use your best cards too early and suffer the consequences later!

Unlike many games, and perhaps more similar to RPGs, winning the game is achieved through using a good strategy and changing tactics to achieve your objectives (and frustrate those of your opponent) as much as by killing your opponents models. This adds a dimension to the game that appeals to a wide range of gamers.

News Flash

Derby World Wargames will be one of the first UK shows where the new sixth faction, Ten Thunders, will be on show. First shown at GenCon in the USA in August, the initial models should have made their way to the UK in time for this show.


"WHAT A LOAD OF BALLOTS!" -Rotherham Wargames Club

A game set in the fictitious African country of Embilta in around 1974. Following an election where the incumbent head of state, President General Napoleon Ndube (known as 'Father' to his people), polled a little short of 112% of the vote, life has got a little uncomfortable for both the opposition leader, His Reverence the Bishop of Libreville, and the European election observers.

The Embiltan army has been on the streets of the capital city, Libreville, for several weeks, both to maintain order and to encourage people to vote. With the publication of the election result, together with the Father-General's proclamation that the Bishop should be arrested for high treason, feelings are running high.
Players control two forces, Belgian (former colonial power) and Rhodesian (next door neighbours) as they compete to rescue the election observers and take the bishop into protective custody.

Native forces: the Embiltan Army, the Libreville Police, rebel militias and civilian mobs, are controlled by random reaction cards and do their best to get in the rescuers', and each others', way.

Breaking with our tradition of writing a specific ruleset for a display scenario, this time we have taken a commercial ruleset, Force on Force, and deftly used a hatchet to adapt it to our needs, whilst making a few little additions of our own.

Rotherham Wargames Club meets every Saturday at Masbrough and Thornhill Community Centre, 94 College Road, Masbrough, Rotherham, S60 1JE (not far from Rotherham town centre). We play just about anything, and if we don't play it now, we'll always give it a try! Email Mick Hood at for details.


SINK THE BISMARCK - Leeds Wargames Club

The scenario is based on the attack by the swordfish from HMS Ark Royal. Each squadron attacks in three waves of 4 aircraft, each wave being the participation run, the damage from each run being recorded on the ship's chart. If the ship is not sunk or disabled (historical result) by the end of the show, the amount of damage will be translated into number of months required to repair. Following an accidental attack launched against HMS Sheffield where it was discovered, fortunately for HMS Sheffield, that the magnetic detonators failed to activate contact detonators were used which have the disadvantage that those striking at a shallow angle may just bounce off.


The attack on the Bismarck was carried out by Fairly Swordfish bi-plane torpedo bombers, the attack philosophy was to approach the target at 5000 feet then to dive to 18 feet before commencing their final approach, we pick up the action as the planes commence their final approach. From the point that you pick up the planes until the pass over the Bismarck and their torpedoes strike takes only 90 seconds !


ZULU DAWN….OF THE DEAD! - Black Pyramid Gaming

A test-run of our Victorian Sci-fi gaming system, aimed at simplistic, fast-play rules at skirmish level - aimed at four participants.

A small garrison of British troops and engineers re-occupy Rorke's Drift, now the main workshop of the Mars Expeditionary Force, two years after the famous battle. Many experiments have taken place, infusing the local water table with liquid Aether, the Martian power source that defies science. The first of the great Iron Landships is nearly ready, and Kingdom Brunel, the mechanically-enhanced Great Engineer, is on-hand to witness the completion of his finest creation. Everyone is thinking about the conquest of Mars, and the tea is brewing….

….as the glowing-green sludge seeps into the Zulu corpse-pit flesh is renewed, memories are awakened and the urge to kill drives the zombies on in their hundreds!



Victorian Gladiatorial Combat, a stage up from Blood Feud, this is a faster (1/2 hour) game. The traditional factions including the Carnivale, Bedlam Asylum, the Jade Clan and SPEW have been joined by new opponents, the Inquisition, the Von Trapp family and the Witches of East Todwick. Two teams of between 3 and 6 combatants slug it out with cleavers, stiletto heels and magick. Evil Clowns, Vampyres, Werewolves and fair but well-armed maidens take to the arena. We can run 4 arenas (2' x 2') at any time (and did at both Triples and Derby last year). Tag Team challenges will also be available. We will be running this game at Salute 2012.
We have found the game to be particularly popular with younger gamers.


PONY WARS - Sons of Simon DeMontfort

US cavalry against the mighty Indian Nations- Hollywood style. All done in 10mm scale.

We invite you to take a command in the 7th cavalry somewhere in the American West with the noble aim of saving the settlers from the marauding Indian braves. The command can be big or small depending on how much time you have. The one thing we can guarantee is you will be up to your eyeballs in Indians and if your plan isn't going wrong at the moment it soon will be.

The Indians are controlled by a simple but effective method based on charts and cards so the umpires have no control over them. Looking back on previous games it doesn't take long before they find some cavalry or settlers to attack so you as a cavalry officer have to keep your wits about you at all times.

So, come along for a trip down memory lane if you remember it first time or if you want a good game for as much time as you can spare then look us up. We will look forward to seeing you.


A pirate game with fast play rules for up to 4 players. Each player will take command of a pirate ship and set sail on the high waves to become pirate 'Top Dog', make and of course break alliances 'as the pirate code is more a set of guidelines'. Whilst the battle rages on the high sea only the most full hardy player will take to the rowing boats and go for gold on 'Lamb's Island' where only the most daring and brave will survive.


CALL IT QID'S - Society of Ancients

A wargame of the battle of Qadesh.

Being a recreaction of the great Pharoah Ramessess II triumph over the forces of the Hittite Empire lead by the great king Muwatalli II. In which great deeds are done and not a few chariots are involved.



28mm Russian counter attack after Kursk


SONG OF DRUMS AND SHAKOS - Glenbrook Games & Painting Service

54mm Napoleonic skirmish


H BOMB: NOT IN MY BACK YARD - Urban Construct

25/28mm post apocalypse roleplaying/skirmish game involving sewers, burnt-out buildings and other unpleasantness.

Are the surving members of the Regional Government trying to assist you or have they set you up? Sure the've got resources but what are their intensions?

Using Savage Worlds rpg rules.



Have you found lately that your moose is worthless without a squirrel? Are lions ruining your camels? And have you been running out of penguins just when you needed them most? You haven't! Well come on over and take your place at e-Collectica's Fistful of Penguins participation game where all will be explained.

Fistful of Penguins is the new, off the wall dice game where you try and get your kangaroos to multiply, your squirrels to steal your opponents cash and your penguins to save your game. It's quick, it's fun and by the end of it you'll never see moose in the same way again.

MAKE AND TAKE TABLE - Armourfast (for the little ones)

Build a tank from a simple kit and take it away. There is also an optional game to use your tank in.



Following the successful Normandy landings and the Operation COBRA breakout, the US forces pushed into Brittany aiming to capture the atlantic coast ports.
However, due to the area containing critical fuel and ammo reserves of the 7th Army Fieldmarshal Von Kluge was determined to stop this and launched a counter-attack named Operation Luttich.
Despite the german plans being identified by Luftwaffe signals decoded by ULTRA, warning of the counterattack came too late and US forces consisting of 117th and 120th Infantry Regiments had already been deployed into the area and would only have improvised defensive positions at the time of the attack.
German preparations for the attack were also far from complete. Hitler had promised to release additional Panther and PzKpfw IV tanks from the reserve but these would not arrive in time for the initial offensive.
Knowing Hitler's great expectations, General Hausser decided not to postpone the attack but merely delayed it for 2 hours and launched the attack with elements of the 116th Panzer Division without the support of any preliminary artillery barrage

This is a demonstration/participation game showing a battle for a town representative of those found in the northwest of France.
The game itself is showcasing modular buildings and roads of laser-cut MDF provided by Commision Figurines which have been set out to demontrate basic construction and various stages of preparation and painting.

Figures in use are a mixture of Battlefront (Flames of War), Plastic Soldier Company and Peter Pig.


THE BATTLE FOR EL SID - KB Group (Sunday only)

A British Nato Challenger II tank platoon has raced to a friendly town, nicknamed El Sid (after the barman). They are there to protect it from a sudden strike by a neighbouring enemy power, comprising two platoons of ex-Soviet T-80 tanks. Both sides have out-stripped their infantry support, so it is down to the tanks alone to wrestle for control of the town. The opposing forces need to manoeuvre carefully in the narrow, complex maze of streets to gain the upper hand. It’s a case of kill... or be killed.

Can you wrest the town from your opponent? This is your chance to control a tank platoon.

This is a participation game, using Manoeuvre Group, at 1:72nd scale.


THE RETREAT FROM MOSCOW - Baccus Reduced Battle Company

'Continuing our grand tradition of combining the unfeasible with the absurd, the Baccus Reduced Battle Company is pleased to announce our latest offering - the Retreat from Moscow,1812!

In keeping with previous games, players will be in charge of large numbers of 6mm figures as they take the part of the Russians harrying the retreating Grand Armee which has decided that it really has had enough of its winter holiday. Conducted on a 6 foot by 2 foot board, the game will take less than an hour to play,so why not join and bag a frozen Frog or two?'


EMPIRE OF THE DEAD - West Wind Games

Hot from the press at West Wind H.Q. is Empire of the Dead; a blend of Gothic Horror and Steam Punk. Call over and join in the fun at West Wind's participation game table, opposite the Figures in Comfort trade stand.


'OVER THE SEA TO SKY' or 'WHERE'S CHARLIE' - Derby Wargames Society

The date is 1745 another Charles Stuart flees from English Troops. Will your company of 25mm heros be the one to capture Bonnie Prince Charile or help him to escape? A game of two causes.



Moscow, Moscow, Moscow, Napoleon was adamant that if he took Moscow that Alexander would yield and he would be put back in his place. They crossed the Niemen River into Russia full of thoughts of a quick victory! It was soon apparent that this was not to be, as the enemy was illusive. A month of small skirmishes, little food, poor roads, and storms had passed and still no major battle. King Murat was pushing on to Vitebsk when it appeared the Russian forces under General Ostermann-Tolstoy were preparing to fight in order to defend his lines of communication.

After a non conclusive first engagement Ostermann-Tolstoy falls back across the Dvina River and takes up defensive positions and awaits the next French movements. It is here that our game now starts with the reinforced French coming on to clear the Russian defenders. Can the French destroy the Russian forces defending the village of Ostrowno, and surrounding area? Then move on to Vitebsk , Smolensk , and finally Moscow, or will the brave Russians give the French a bloodied nose and lessen their resolve to invade mother Russia showing it will be no push over?


NORTHWORTHY TO DERBY AD874 - Derby Wargames Society

Northworthy was a local Anglo-Saxon settlement until Danish Vikings captured it in AD874 and renamed it Deoraby, widely believed to be the source of the modern name Derby.

Will the Vikings be able to repeat this feat, or can the Saxon's rewrite history and ward off the raiders.

The game itself is a fictitious representation of a Viking raid on the outskirts of Northworthy, with the Anglo-Saxon defenders try to protect the settlement and make good their escape with some vital supplies.

A large demonstration game of 'SAGA' - Gripping Beast's 28mm Dark Age skirmish game, featuring 50 to 80 figures per side and run by members of Derby Wargames Society.


THE BATTLE OF NASEBY - 14th June 1645 - Stoke on Trent Wargames Group

On the morning of 14th June 1645 King Charles the 1st Royalist Army faced Sir Thomas Fairfax New Model Army on the rolling countryside just outside the village of Naseby in the County of Northamptonshire, In what is considered to be one of the most famous battles of the English Civil War which was also to be the start of the demise of the Royalist Army.

The tactics of this battle were somewhat different in nature to other battles as the New Model Army had been retrained and officers had been picked for their command ability and NOT for their status. This is also the battle where Oliver Cromwell became a more prominent figure with his ironsides.

Members of the war cabinet room at stoke war-gaming group are re-fighting this battle using 28mm figures and using a set of rules written by members of this room.


BATTLE OF BARNET - 14TH APRIL 1471 - Northern Men at Arms Society

We are a medieval re-enactment group that take part in medieval battles and shows around the country. As such we have decided to put on a demonstration game based on the battle of Barnet. This is our interpretation, using 28mm figures from Perry miniatures and Wargames Foundry painted to unit colours, along with scratch built terrain, and using our interpretation of DBMM rules with some minor adjustment.

In 1469 Edward IV had fallen out with the Earl of Warwick due to Edward's marriage to a Lancastrian lady by the name of Elizabeth Woodville ,instead of marrying a relative of Louis XI. This made Warwick furious, and because of this the two went to war. On the 26th July 1470 at Edgecote Edward had been forced to flee England, and Warwick put the Lancastrian Henry VI back on the throne. In 1471 however Edward landed in Yorkshire with a sizeable army lent to him by his brother in law the Duke of Burgundy and managed to march on London and take possession of it under Warwick's nose. Warwick offered battle terms ten miles outside of the capital at High Barnet.

Depending on which account you read, the number of forces on each side differ, but it is of general consensus that the forces for each side range from 10,000 to 15,000, with Warwick's army being the bigger of the two forces .
Edward met by accident some of Warwick's forces on the night of the 13th April (again depending on where you get your information from ) before he lined his army up ready for the following day, but so had Warwick. Unknown to the leaders of both side they had lined so close that when the Lancastrians were ordered to do a night bombardment on Edward's position the gunners over shot the enemies lines.

The following morning came and so did the mist that covered the battlefield. When the yorkists made their advance their right wing overlapped the Lancastrian left and vice versa due to the miss alignment of the warring factions. Oxford (Lancastrian ), made first contact and due to the noise of his men Hastings (Yorkist) retreated into the town Oxford followed then re gathered and returned to the battle due to the miss alignment Richard (Yorkist) made no contact and had to swing around to flank the enemy .
During the time while Oxford was in the town fighting, the main battle had turned, so when Oxford returned to the battle he was shot at and attacked by his own side.

In the end the battle was won by Edward, who went on to meet Margaret of Anjou who thought that she might be able to claim the crown for her son Edward prince of Wales(Lancastrian) at the battle of Tewkesbury in may 1471.


YOUR TARGET FOR TONIGHT - NUREMBERG March 44 - Cranwell Old Dirigibles

"Steady , steady, steady, bombs gone" Your Target For Tonight - Nuremberg March 44 is salute to Bomber Command in this year of commemoration.

This game simulates the night bombing campaigns of Bomber Command in WWII. The scenario demonstrated pays tribute to the crews taking part in the ill fated Nuremberg raid 30/31 Mar 44. Covering the physical and technical challenges faced all aviators in the unforgiving night environment the game tells the story the raid from crossing the Belgian coast to returning to the UK some 8 or so hours later.

Hopefully thought provoking the game sheds light on the courage and commitment of aircrew from both sides battling the elements as well as each other. The 40 aircraft bomber stream shows the raid at a scale of 1:20 using Tumbling Dice 1/600 models.

The actual raid resulted in the loss of 96 aircraft of the 779 taking part, the largest single loss suffered by Bomber Command in the war. We aim to overcome Flak, controversial route planning, effective German night fighter defences and above all the weather to not only reach our target for tonight but also return safely home to Blighty.

Come and see us at our stand to learn a little of the history and gauge our performance against that of the past.


"ARTHURS' BATTLES" - Westbury Wargamers

Notionally, Arthur the Dux Bellorum (duke of battles) of dark age England (or Albion) fought twelve battles up and down the country to rid the land of sundry invaders (mainly the Saxons but also, Angles, Jutes, Picts & Irish) and brought a temporary peace to the land. The who and when of Arthur has filled countless academic works (some worth reading, some not!), has spawned several films and TV series (nearly all rubbish!), has proved a lucrative field for several noted fiction writers and has been the subject of many learned articles in historical, archaeological and even wargaming journals. For the sake of our demonstration games here at Derby we have opted for the late C5th version, so: post Roman war gear, mainly infantry forces with a few mounted 'companions', no plate armour, no magic swords, no druids and no Keira Knightly!


We have chosen Celidon the so called seventh battle mainly because it features the not so commonly seen Picts and Mount Badon as it was the twelfth and decisive one holding back further Saxon incursions for fifty years. Almost nothing is known about where these battles really took place, although there have been plenty of educated guesses, and so (luckily for us) the terrain is a bit of a mystery, all that seems to be agreed on is, that Celidon was probably in lowland Scotland and so the terrain would be lightly wooded, maybe a bit marshy with a river near or through the battlefield, and that Badon was on a hill overlooking the old Roman settlement at Bath so big hill for the 'Romano British' to defend.

The rules are our own period specific set featuring an idiosyncratic basing to suit our concept of warband fighting and event cards designed to reflect the beliefs and possibilities of the times. If you are interested come and have a chat while we play.


PETERWARDIEN 1716 - The Boondock Saints

The Ottoman Sublime Porte decide to go on the offensive against the Austrian held fortress of
Peterwardien due to the Holy Roman Empire's alliance with Venice.

Prince Eugene of Savoy, overruling more cautious advice, opts for a direct confrontation with the main Ottoman army and moves his army across the Danube to occupy the old entrenched camp outside of Peterwardien.

The Ottoman commander sends forward his Janissaries on the night of August the 4th and they dig themselves in close to the Austrian position. Eugene is faced with the prospect of being bottled in at Peterwardien if he gives the Turks more time to improve their defences. For a leader such as Eugene there could only be one solution to such a problem; attack!

In the ensuing battle Eugene's force of about 60,000 takes on an Ottoman army of 60-120,000 Ottoman's in a hard fought combat lasting 5 hours.

Will the Austrian heavy horse win the day sweeping the Ottoman cavalry before them and move on to Belgrade? The Boondock Saints stage a 6mm spectacular scenario by Greg Savinos show casing Baccus figures and the fine sculpting of Dr Mike Salwey in the company of gentlemen and the pick of Mr Keith Gendle's East Riding Estate's cellar.


THE BATTLE OF ORIAMENDI, 1837: First Carlist War in Spain - Like a Stonewall

In 1833, Isabella, daughter of the late King Ferdinand VII, became ruler of Spain, along with her mother, Maria Christina, as Queen Consort. This transference of power to a female precipitated a clash between her supporters, the ‘Liberals’ and those of the ultra right wing, who supported the dead king’s brother, Don Carlos (the legitimate heir under the previous law). It became expedient to call the latter faction ‘Carlists’. A civil war ensued.

The Battle of Oriamendi was fought on 16 March 1837, four years into the war. It was part of a campaign where the Liberal (Isabellino, or Christino) Army tried to chase the Carlists from the Basque Country in Northern Spain.

The game will be 18ft x 6ft and show the ridges of Oriamendi and the town of Hernani in Northern Spain.

Forces will consist of around 1000+ Perry Miniatures from their Carlist War range and include elements of the British Auxiliary Legion, as well as Carlist and Isabellino forces.

THE STORMING OF THE SCHELLENBERG, July 2, 1704 - Cobridge Old Contemptibles

28mm Marlburian battle using the computer moderated rules 'Carnage & Glory II – Warfare in the Age of Marlborough & The Great Northern War, 1700-1721’.

Early in the War of the Spanish Succession the Allies feared that the French Army of the Rhine would join with the Bavarian Army, and with the Austrians already heavily engaged in Italy, this combined force would be able to march on to Vienna in an attempt to force Austria out of the war.

To counter this the Allies with 85,000 men needed a base where its provisions and ammunition could be stored whilst it operated in Bavaria attempting to knock them out of the war. Donauworth was selected as such a base as it straddled the River Danube. Donauworth was protected by the Schellenberg, a fort on a hill overlooking the town. It was badly in need of repair, but it had only once before been breached in its 70 year existence.

Marlborough decided on a frontal assault for a number of reasons including a lack of heavy guns and the desire to intervene before the enemy could further their work on repairing the defences of the Schellenberg.

It would be a bloody affair!


OPERATION CHARNWOOD "The Capture of Depot 63" - Leicester Phat Cats

9th July 1944 lead elements of the 59th (Staffordshire) Infantry Division have entered the northern part of Caen, Normandy.

On the River Orne's southern bank lies Rail Depot 63. The depot is being used as the headquarters for the 12th SS Panzer Regiment which is acting as a rear guard to the retreating 12th SS Panzer Division which is attempting to hold back the Allied attack.

Depot 63 is the linchpin for the defence of Southern Caen and has already seen heavy allied bombing and shelling. The next 24 hours will decide the fate of Caen and the 12th SS Panzer Division.

Scale: 20mm
Rules: Kampfgruppe Normandy



The Madhist horde have surrounded a fortified village and threaten to overwhelm the defenses and put all to the sword. Can the relief column arrive in time to save the garrison and villagers?



The Tver system in the Eurasian Solar Union is heavily contested. A primary manufacturing and crop growing world, it is the administrative centre of its sector. There running ground and space battle between the invading Strayvian Dominion and the defending ESU forces stretched both forces thin - and left the planet weakened so that neither side were able to stop a sudden massive invasion by the Cybertanks. The reasons for such an attack were unclear – the Cybertanks never invade without clear cause, preferring to cleanse a planet of organic life via orbital bombardment. And Tver III is not the first planet they have invaded in recent months, nor the first in which they have interrupted the Strayvian/ESU war.

Meanwhile, a reconnaissance fleet from the Jalyrkieon Hierarchy continues to progress out from the centre of the galaxy, investigating the sudden influx of interest and renewed conflict through the galaxy. Well aware of the nontypical behaviour of the Cybertanks is a concern to everyone, themselves included – and the implication that the Cybertanks are somehow linked to recent destabilising events, they have begun an investigation.

With the Strayvians and ESU forces temporarily crushed in this area, the Jalyrkieons have forced their way through the Cybertank’s attritionally-diminished fleet to land a ground force. As they pick their way through the blackened wreckage of the Strayvian/ESU war and numerous Cybertank ambushes, a picture is starting to form... The Cybertanks are constructing a massive portal, which will allow untold numbers of Cybertanks to flood out into the galaxy, without the need to transport them through space. Such devices, if put into use, would allow the Cybertanks to simply overwhelm any world they choose with superior numbers – unless the small force of Jalyrkieons can manage to stop them...

The Battle for Tver uses the Manoeuvre Group rules, modified for science-fiction, at 144th scale. The models themselves, including the Jalyrkieon’s tetracorn “infantry”, are CAD-designed, 3D steriolithe prints from Aotrs Shipyards, printed at Shapeways, the current leading 3D international printing service.


THE BATTLE OF BORODINO, 7th September 1812 - The Lead Commanders

In 1812 Napoleon invaded Russia with the largest army he had ever fielded. His plans went wrong almost from the start as his megalomania did not allow him to delegate even trivial decisions. He had prepared well and having studied the Russian campaign of Charles XII believed he had taken into account of the geography and weather conditions that had so quickly brought him to disaster. His strategy was sound- he would march into Russia, defeat their field armies, capture Moscow and wait for the Tsar to come to terms.

However the Russians did not play the game. The Russian armies had skilfully fallen back until the Tsar, fed up with his two senior generals bickering continually, appointed Kutuzov to defend Moscow. Kutosov decided on occupying a defensive position 75 miles west of Moscow- around a small village called Borodino and arranged the two field armies of Bagration (41,000 men and 175 guns) and Barclay deTolly (82,500 men and 425 guns), a total of 115,00 regulars, 9,500 Cossacks and 30,000 Militia accordingly.

Napoleon advanced and having fought a small battle on the 5th September a few miles to the west at Shevardino, rested for a day and having recognised that the Russians were not about to retire began to arrange his forces to attack. He now had only 120,000 troops in 203 infantry battalion, 230 squadrons and 500- 550 guns……and that is where we begin the battle……

Our representation of the Battle of Borodino is intended to show what a group with little artistic talent (but lots of ambition!) can put on using only commercial figures and terrain, (excluding some of the field fortifications) can achieve.

The 6mm figures are by Baccus and most of the terrain by TSS, many thanks to both companies!

If you want to read more about our journey to Borodino take a look on the Baccus website: and the terrains at



Set in 1813 the French are retiring along their line of supply, being harassed by Spanish Guerrillas, and closely followed up by British Riflemen and Portuguese Cacadores.


CESTREFELD (Re-enactment Group - Dark Age)

Demonstration of Dark Age weapons and crafts as per previous years.

'One to one scale' game outside (if conditions are suitable)



The aim of the society is to promote a historical and wargaming interest in the Middle Ages, the actual period covered is from the early 11th century into the early sixteenth century, which saw the decline of the mounted knight.



The Pike and Shot Society is an international organization that promotes interest in the warfare of the Early Modern Period, a time that saw radical change in the way in which wars were fought world-wide.

The Early Modern Period was a time of major change in the history of warfare. It broadly ranged from 1400, with the first massed use of handguns by the Hussites (of Bohemia), to the end of the Great Northern War in 1721, which saw the final demise of the pike as a front line battlefield weapon.



The Sealed Knot Society will be represented by members of Sir John Gell’s Regiment of Foote. The Sealed Knot is a charitable organisation that raises money by fighting re-enactments of English Civil War battles as well as arranging ‘Living History’ experiences and giving educational lectures. Gell’s Regiment were renowned at the time as being a notorious band of villains. Fighting for Parliament they were raised in Derbyshire and cut a swathe through the midlands plundering as they went.

The Sealed Knot is always looking for new recruits to fill the ranks. These guys will be in period costume and will happily take the time to chat about all things relating to the English Civil Wars, the Sealed Knot and the best ways of getting lead off a church roof. Lock up your daughters.



Lace Wars is a living history group made up of a number of regiments depicting both military and civilian life during the 18th Century.

We Specialise in the period 1740-1760 and in particular the Jacobite rebellion, staging events throughout the year at historic sites in the UK and Europe.

Members will be displaying uniforms, weapons, and accoutrements of the period.