SPAWN - HUNTING SEASON - Reading Independent Wargames - 2nd Place Participation Game 2010

10 years ago French Nuclear testing caused the existence of mutated Giant Frogs capable of using special abilities such as breathing fire, enhanced speed and armour. These proceeded to eat their way through the Europe, Africa, Russia and Asia leaving the whole area filled with these Frogs now known as Mutant Indigenous Life Forms surviving through cannibalism or eating any human stupid enough to enter their territory.

It has recently been discovered that Frog fluids and body parts are useful in medicines, recreational drugs and even food. Group of mercenaries and ex soldiers have become hunters, killing and harvesting these creatures for money. A dangerous, often short lived but highly profitable profession Vulcan Viscerators are considered among the best.


It's a Frog Eat Frog World!


TARTARUS - Reading Independent Wargames - 2nd Place Participation Game 2010

Tartarus is a game played in a huge underground bunker in Las Vegas, Nevada. Named after the mythical pit used as a dungeon of torment and suffering that resides beneath the underworld. Six victims are placed in an arena with a genetically engineered Tyrannosaurus Rex. Victims must simply escape from the Arena and the jaws of a hungry Tyrannosaur which the rich and powerful bet huge sums of money on the outcome. There are six Tyrannosaurs housed in the bunker, these were cloned by the Gentec Corporation to be used as an attraction in zoos, their instincts proved too hard to control and the deaths of several scientists and keepers were involved. Before the creatures could be destroyed they vanished, hidden by Tycoon Rupert Warrington IV for use in the game. Victims are taken from walks of life where their disappearance (and Digestion) will either not be noticed or occasionally to dispose of troublesome individuals. The Tyrannosaurs are named Manson, Starkweather, Gacy, Dahmer, Nielson & Bundy after 21st Century serial killers.

Who`s a Winner, Who`s for Dinner?


DUCK!! DUCK GO! - E-Collectica Games

A game where you play with real rubber duckies (in a variety of guises) and race them round a bathtub in the Kenducky Derby.


WARGODS OF AEGYPTUS - Stoke Wargames Group

WarGods is a fantasy game based on the mythologies of time gone by. Based on Ancient Egypt and their Gods and Ancient Greece and their Gods. There is much much more to the game -- like magic, scenarios, great background & stories.

Take a preprepared warband for a faction and see how the rules system which is unique to Wargods works.

Your warband is lead by your harbinger "servants to the gods" (Creating your harbinger is a creative and fun process!). Choosing whether you want to be infamous or famous -- You are not limited to only one of the races in your warband, as most of the different races can ally (and most races will ally with both famous and infamous warbands.)

The system plays as a "you choose, I choose" system. That is to say, it is not a "you go, I go" turn base like Warhammer fantasy Battle (where you can wait around forever for your opponent to finish his turn) but instead works on command counters issued at the beginning of the turn by your harbinger.

Command counters represent your harbinger shouting orders at his or her troops. "Charge!" "Fire!" "Fall Back!" (You get the picture). After seeing who gets "the edge i.e. the opportunity to activate units" you take it in turns to reveal a command counter, however you are not limited to revealing only your own counters, but can chose to reveal your opponents instead, making WarGods a tactical game.

Each game lasts between 45-60 minutes.



The KB club present their version of the Epic 1965 Movie “ Battle of the Bulge”. We re-enact the last climatic tank battle. Tigers vs. the hordes of Shermans .

We spoil it a bit by really having German tanks on the German Side and Shermans on the US side but that’s what they were supposed be and its easier than the film to spot who’s who! Will Henry Fonda make it to the end? Will Kojack make it through to become the detective? Not all games are serious... Brought together by the Manoeuvre Group team.


GREYHOUNDS IN THE SLIPS - Society of Ancients - 3rd Place Participation Game 2010

A simple 2 player participation game based on Henry V's assault on the breach at Harfleur as included in Shakespeare's play (Act III scene 1), using 90mm plastic figures and Anno Domino combat mechanisms.




A Body has been found on the estate of a Commander of the Anglican League who is currently entertaining representatives of the Royal Family in Exile. The question is who is the dead man and why is he carrying an empty envelope addressed to the Prince of Wales?
A number of factions wary of a powerful Royalist/Anglican alliance would like to disrupt the house party. Equally the Commander is eager to identify the corpse and solve the 'murder'.
To this end, the eminent Investigator Hercules Parroet has been invited to find out the truth, but in these treacherous times might the truth be a little too close to home?

Rules: Own, based on the background provided by Solway's A Very British Civil War


THE CONDENSED EDITION OF THE BATTLE OF GETTYSBURG - Baccus Reduced Great Battles of History Display Team

The piviotal battle of the American Civil War played on a board measuring 4 feet square and taking less than an hour to play.

Our version of Gettysburg give all three days' action without the boring bits in-between. Non-stop action for both sides to get the result that could change history.

Think it can't be done? The come along and have go. Can you save the Confederacy or would you prefer preserve the Union? It's time to test yourself against history.
The game is sponsored by Baccus 6mm will feature hundreds of 6mm figures.

The rules used will be yet another variant of the very, very, very quick play set used in our popular 'Old Trousers' game.'


URBAN BASING AND PAINTING WORKSHOP - Sheffield Irregulars - Best Participation 'Game' 2010

Have a go at creating a simple, but effective urban base scheme for modern and sci-fi miniatures - materials provided for you to use.
Give your army a consistent look, with enough variety to make them stand out.

Ask any painting questions, see techniques demonstrated, view the display of miniatures from painters of all levels.

Chat to members of the Irregular Magazine team about our free hobby magazine.
Painting is supposed to be fun!



Target … them clockwork soldiers … ten rounds independent … FIRE".

On the CSM's order, the marines opened fire but to no effect. The bullets bounced off the metal casing of the clockwork soldiers that kept approaching their position.

Suddenly, Quartermain's elephant gun boomed and one of the clockwork soldiers staggered and fell in clouds of scalding steam. However, the others kept coming and as one sent a volley of electricity and flame at the marines. The wall protected them from the worst effects but two marines were writhing and screaming on the floor. Dr Watson immediately dashed to the nearest and began to tend him.

Holmes yelled at the CSM, "Not the mechanical soldiers … the man with the box by the castle, he's controlling them"

The CSM was the units best marksmen. One round felled the controller and two more shattered the box. Holmes leapt the wall and jabbed his stick between the legs of the nearest mechanical man that toppled to the ground and lay there face down with its legs still moving.

"FIRST SECTION … the gentleman has shown you what to do… CHARGE!"
Whilst the first section dealt with the mechanical men Holmes rejoined Watson. He was gently closing the eyes of one of the fallen marines. The other also lay still and silent. A shake of the head to the CSM confirmed that the two marines were beyond help. There was a grim expression on Watsons face that was new to Holmes and his friend had taken one of the dead marines rifles.

"Excuse me Holmes old chap. Could you go through these poor fellows pouches and bring me their ammunition clips. I have some unfinished business here with the cowardly swine who created these inhuman weapons" .


SECRETS OF THE THIRD REICH - West Wind Productions

'Secrets Of The Third Reich' is our alternative 28mm World War II game.

If you have not had the opportunity to play this game, why not call over and join us near the West Wind stand!

Playing time for one of the scenarios is approx. 30 minutes.


PROJEKT X - FOO FIGHTERS - Scarab Miniatures

1945 and the Third Reich is crumbling. The race to secure Nazi technology is in full flight and the battle lines are being redrawn. The Cold War has already started. In the forests of Southern Germany something strange has been reported by Allied pilots. Strange discs have been seen in the sky and bright lights on the ground. T Force have been despatched to secure the location but met resistance from counter attacking Germans with biomechanical prosthetic augmentation. Or as Private Stanley reported "Cor blimey, Sah! them Jerries 'ad all sorts of bits of stuff stuck in 'em, right odd sort they were!" Now, T Force have despatched one of its own Special Forces units to deal with the situation.

Our game this weekend continues the engagement for whatever lurks under the netting, be it a flying disc or useless piece of scrap.

Projekt X is part of the Scarab Miniatures range and makes the assumption that World War Two really did end in 1945. The background mixes fact and fiction together to create a covert war of wonder weapons and weird science where the only limit is your imagination.



WARMACHINE is the award winning, fast paced, and aggressive 30mm tabletop miniatures battle game set in the steam-powered fantasy world of the Iron Kingdoms. In WARMACHINE players take on the role of an elite soldier-sorcerer known as a warcaster. Though warcasters are formidable forces on the battlefield, their true strength lies in their ability magically to control and coordinate the actions of their mighty warjacks - steam-powered combat automatons that represent the pinnacle of military might in the Iron Kingdoms.

As WARMACHINE's feral twin, HORDES is a 30mm tabletop miniatures combat game set in the wilds of the Iron Kingdoms. Players jump into the action controlling enigmatic warlocks and their packs of savage warbeasts as they battle for territory and survival.

Forge Games will be running participation games all day to introduce players to WARMACHINE and HORDES. Each game will last approximately 20 minutes, during which time players will be introduced to the basic mechanics and rules of the game. Experienced players are also welcome to play each other, perhaps using a new faction from the many battlegroup and warpack box sets miniatures available.



A scenario from the 1938 Very British Civil War.

The People's Assault Column / New Model Red Army along with their comrade workers have secured the Vickers Tank Factory on Tyneside where production has become necessary to the success of their cause.
The royalist King Edward VIII's army and BUF need to take over the factory for themselves to assist in their war effort.
The Bishop of Durham and the Anglican League have other ideas and attempt a landing from the river.



Rules of Engagement is the popular platoon level rules for World War II. It is designed so that one model represents one man. Forces represent a fully supported platoon down to an understrength one, depending on the scenario played. Full force sizes range from about 40 men up to as many as 80. Armour is fully represented in the game, although its availability is limited - Rules of Engagement is primarily for infantry engagements with tanks playing a supporting role on occassions.

Using the display terrain from their "Operation Bagration to the Fall of the Reich" sourcebook, the guys from Great Escape Games will be on hand to show players how the rules work. Core aspects can be demonstrated in just a few minutes and small engagements take as little as twenty minutes to play.



REGIA ANGLORUM - 11th Century Living History Group - - This group was very popular last year and returns in 2010

This year, weather permitting, display combats will be fought in the courtyard



The year is 1885 and the Desert Column sent out to relive Gordon in Khartoum has just fought the battle of Abu Klea on the 17th January. The column dusts itself down and once again resumes its march towards the Nile, heading for the small riverside village of Gubat. Once there they hoped to link up with Gordon's gunboats sent by him to transport a detachment of British troops to Khartoum. On the 18th January the Desert column was confronted by yet another Mahdist army, which culminates in the battle of Abu Kru.

The game happens prior to Abu Kru when a company from the Guards Camel Regiment is sent ahead to scout out the route to Gubat and enters it without seeing any Mahdist forces. The company settles down for the night thinking all's well with the world and its not until early the following morning when they see that Lady Luck has well and truly abandoned them.


NORTHAMPTON 10th July 1460 - Rather Large Towton Project

Warwick, Salisbury and March have returned from exile and are marching northwards. Henry VI has massed his army and marched south to Northampton. Here he has built an artillery park and constructed defences. He awaits the arrival of the Earl of March's army, who are not slow to attack. Will Lord Grey of Ruthin betray his own side once more and grant victory to the Yorkists, or will the Lancastrian defences stand strong? Only time will tell.

Following the success of our 6mm Blore Heath game at Triples, The Rather Large Towton Project is continuing its motivation and morale-boosting exercise by refighting another battle that preceded Towton. This time we shall refight Northampton using our newly painted figures to keep ourselves motivated for the mammoth task of painting the rest of the order of battle for Towton. Once more our games will be played using the Baccus 6mm figures and the Poleaxed rules from the Lance and Longbow Society that proved to work so well together in our previous outing. Please come along to see us and we shall be happy to talk about the project and our games. Alternatively, please check out our blog at and see what progress we are making.


TORGAU 3rd November 1760 - Humberside Wargames Society - Best Display Game 2010

Frederick the Great splits his army to counter a late season thrust by the Austrians under Daun.

In late October, Daun slipped out of Silesia and moved west to Saxony where Lacy joined him with his corps. When his government ordered him to stand and fight the Prussians, Daun selected a position on the Süptitzer Höhen (Heights) just west of Torgau. The Austrians faced south with Lacy's corps nearest Torgau and Daun's army further west. Altogether, Daun and Lacy marshalled 42,000 infantry, 10,000 cavalry, and 275 cannon.

Frederick determined to send General Hans Joachim von Zieten to hold Daun's attention from the south, while his main effort circled around the western end of the Austrian line to attack from the north. Zieten's corps comprised 21 infantry battalions and 54 cavalry squadrons, while Frederick's main army deployed 41 battalions and 48 squadrons. In total, the Prussians had 35,000 infantry, 13,500 cavalry, and 309 artillery pieces.

Co-ordinating the two Prussian armies proves more than a challenge for Frederick and he wrecks his army in a dreadful victory against the Austrians.

Can the Austrian army pull off a victory against the exhausted Prussians? Or can Frederick pull off a killing counter stroke, organise a pursuit and knock Austria out of the war?

The team re-create the battle in true East Yorkshire style using Might and Reason rules and a scenario by Chuck Hamack and Erik Engling. A visual feast using 6mm figures and a selection of fine wines from the cellar of our very own Keith Gendle's Yorkshire estate.


OPERATION GOODWOOD 1944 - Derby Wargames Society - 2nd Place Display Game 2010

Operation Goodwood was an attempt by the British, Canadian and Polish forces to breakout from around the strategic city of Caen. The attack on July 18th was to be a tightly focused punch by some 750 tanks to the east of Caen, from the base established by the 6th Airborne Division, over the Orne, across cornfields, over two railway lines and up towards the well defended ridge at Bourguebus. Preceded by a massive artillery bombardment, three armoured divisions drove hard for the objective. Poorly supported by infantry the attack was delayed by well dug-in and reinforced German forces.

The objective for both sides is to control two out of the three villages (Bras, Soliers and Hubert Folie) at the end of 10 moves. A village is considered controlled if only one side has infantry in at least one building. The game is a draw if more than one village is contested or unoccupied or both sides are forced to retire.

The game will showcase the new World War II rules from Warhammer Historical, with the author Warwick Kinrade also being present.

THE BATTLE OF WACHAU, 16th October 1813, 'Napoleon's last best hope of victory' - Company of Veterans

Part of a series of battles known as Leipzig the Battle of the Nations, the biggest battle of the Napoleonic Wars

The Allied armies were all across the mighty river Elbe and they began to circle their prey. Napoleon determined to concentrate his forces at Leipzig and endeavour to destroy one of these armies as the approached before the others could intervene or join together in overwhelming force.

On the 16th October this opportunity arose. The Army of Bohemia was approaching from the south with the Russian and Prussian guards as well as the elite Austrian grenadiers.

All would depend on timing and the intervention of the other Allied armies. Napoleon hoped to use the majority of his forces available, initially to blunt the Allied attacks and then counter attack with all his forces. The Allied attack started around 09.00 hours with assaults on the villages of Wachau and Leibertwolkwitz.

This demonstration game will be fought using 'Age of Eagles' Napoleonic rules at brigade level with 15mm figures.


GETTYSBURG : FIRST DAYS ACTION - Cobridge Old Contemptibles

The Battle of Gettysburg fought July 1–3, 1863, in and around the town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, was the battle with the largest number of casualties in the American Civil War and is often described as the war's turning point. Union Major General George Gordon Meade's Army of the Potomac defeated attacks by Confederate General Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia, ending Lee's invasion of the North.

The rules will be Carnage and Glory computer rules. Scale will be 15mm and the action will be at regimental level.


85eme REGT D'INFANTRIE DE LIGNE - The Napoleonic Association

The 85ème de Ligne is a re-enactment unit, recreating a French infantry regiment of Napoleon's Grande Armée that traces its roots back to 1690.

Our unit recreates the period between 1812 and 1815, by which time the 85ème were classed as a veteran regiment, serving in the Premier Corps of the Grande Armée under the Iron Marshal Louis Nicholas Davout.


WWII DESERT - Leeds Wargames Club

10mm Desert Scenarios. One on Saturday and another on Sunday using Blitzkrieg Commander Rules.


THE BATTLE OF WATERLOO, BELGIUM, 18th June 1815 - "The Like a Stone Wall" Wargames Group

Battle of Waterloo was fought on Sunday 18 June 1815 near Waterloo in present-day Belgium. An Imperial French army under the command of Emperor Napoleon was defeated by combined armies of the Seventh Coalition, an Anglo-Allied army under the command of the Duke of Wellington combined with a Prussian army under the command of Gebhard von Blücher. It was the culminating battle of the Waterloo Campaign and Napoleon's last. The defeat at Waterloo put an end to Napoleon's rule as Emperor of the French and marked the end of his Hundred Days' return from exile.

Depicting the French attack from the Corps of D'Erlon at 1:30pm against the Allied left flank. Would the French break
through before the Prussians arrive?

The figures are a mixture of Old Glory,Wargames Foundry,Perry and Front rank. Buildings consist of Hovels and scratchbuilt
by a member of the group, "Nick the Mole". The Terrain boards are constructed by the group.

ASSAULT ON ESSLING 22nd/23rd May 1809 - L'Ordre Mixte Club

A recreation of the assault upon the granary and village of Essling in 1809 by Archduke Charles Austrians against Napoleon's French Invincibles, using 28mm figures.

On April 24, 1809, Napoléon had proclaimed at Ratisbon, 'We will be in Vienna in less than a month !'. Although he did seize the Austrian capital on May 13, the Danube still separated the Emperor from the army of the Archduke Charles. To pull off a decisive victory, he now had to force a crossing of the river and defeat the Austrians as swiftly as possible. On May 20 in mid-afternoon 200 skirmishers of Molitor’s division crossed the backwater which separated the island of Lobau from the left bank of the Danube. By the next day, a beautiful Pentecost Sunday, the French were on the left bank with 30,000 men, including 6,000 cavalry, and were ready for battle. Grounded on the villages of Aspern and Essling and covered on the wings by the river, their base was solid.

For his part, the Archduke Charles decided to go over to the attack quickly so as to destroy the troops who had just crossed the Danube. He had over 60,000 men available, organized into five columns, and before long the Austrians would have 90,000. After the battle had begun, several of the bridges over the Danube were temporarily broken, preventing the French from receiving the reinforcements necessary for victory.

As Napoleonic followers will know, the bulk of Napoleon's troops are on the wrong side of the river Danube. Will Napoleon be able to change history and repulse the Austrian attack, and thus keep up his aurora of invincibility? Or will history repeat itself and the Austrian army recoed their first victory over the Emperor.


FROM WHERE WE STAND - Burton and District Wargames Club - 3rd Place Display Game 2010

Using the Secrets of the Third Reich system, the game represents the heroic attempt by British assault paras to redirect a Nazi doomsday weapon from its target of London to the Nazi capital New Leipzig.

Black and his men have seized the launch silo on Thanatos and are being assaulted by GERMAN PARAS , JUMP TROOPS , FLYING MECHS AND AMPHIBIOUS ZOMBIES. the fate of the empire rests on their shoulders.


We go around the country taking part in medieval battles as bill men and archers with a few knights. We also have people who don't fight but help by providing water for the fighters.

We also help out the Three Shires Medieval Society who are based in Derby when they need more people to make up numbers.

We also display at school fairs, village fates and open days in museums and the like.



The aim of the society is to promote a historical and wargaming interest in the Middle Ages, the actual period covered is from the early 11th century into the early sixteenth century, which saw the decline of the mounted knight.


40mm AMERICAN CIVIL WAR - Phil Freemean and Old Glory UK

The American Civil War has always been a popular period for wargames. The early players such as Donald Featherstone and Peter Gilder often played the period.

We here present a fictional ACW encounter set in early 1863 between elements of the Union Army of the Potomac and the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia.

We chose 40mm simply becasue it looks so fine ! Models are mostly from Sash nad Saber Castings - available from Old Glory UK - and are mostly from the collection of Phil Freeman. I've added a few hundred of my own to eke out the numbers !!!

Feel free to come and have a chat, but don't blame me if you get your ear bent about the advantages of 40mm!! Andy OGUK


LEIGNITZ 9 April 1241, THE MONGOLS vs. THE POLES - 1st Corps and Curteys Miniatures

The Mongol invasions of Eastern Europe, under the leadership of Subutai, centered on the destruction of East Slavic principalities, such as Kiev and Vladimir. The Mongols then invaded the Kingdom of Hungary and the fragmented Poland.

The Mongols met Duke Henry outside the city of Liegnitz, and as their Polish foes deployed their four army corps, the Mongol commanders ordered that reeds be burned to create a haze of sooty smoke, obscuring their dispositions and confusing their enemies.

Will the cream of Polish Nobilty be able to outwit the Mongols?

Figures by Curteys Miniatures.

FONTENOY 11 May 1745 - Lead Commanders

The Battle of Fontenoy was a decisive action in a number of ways.

It set the tone for the victorious French campaign that followed it; it was the largest battle to take place in Western Europe since the monumental victories of Marlborough forty years earlier; it dispelled the myth of British invincibility; it made the reputation of Maréchal le Comte de Saxe as one of the truly great generals of the eighteenth century; the troops of seven different armies and a babel of foreign mercenaries were engaged; and, it saw the "Wild Geese" of Ireland covering themselves with glory.

Fontenoy stands as the classic example of a battle fought between superb troops commanded by a naive incompetent (Cumberland) and an indifferent army lead by a near-genius (de Saxe). Fought only 25 miles from the field of Waterloo, Fontenoy was another "close run thing": fateful decisions and fatal accidents could so easily have altered the course of the battle. Indeed, at different times, the commanders of both sides were issuing instructions in German to troops unable to understand them - and a badly translated order to the Dutch infantry in front of the village meant Fontenoy itself was never directly attacked as had originally been intended.

For all these reasons, the Battle of Fontenoy lends itself to re-enactment as a wargame - "The Lead Commanders" are pleased to present it as a demonstration game for the 2010 Old Glory World Wargames at Derby University.


The Stone Portals have been released from their ancient prison in super-space after a thousand years. But the universe has advanced without them. The technological advantage they had is evaporated, and the plan to bring all their kind into normal space has failed. The surviving fleets have fled their exit point in human space and are desperately trying to find a place to rest and recover.

However, in their flight, they have run into the Vivrathk Aggression, who are not pleased to see aliens on their door step, and a bitter fight is in the offing...

This is a fleet-action starship battle, using KB Club’s own set of starship rules and Aotrs Shipyard’s starships.