Bring and Buy and Flea Market 2016


Flea Market

A 'Flea Market' table (4ft) will be bookable for a 1 hour slot at the cost of £5.

Booking for Flea Market Tables opens 1st August.

There is a 10 minute gap between slots to allow for changeover between sellers.

Sellers can book 1 afternoon and 1 morning slot per day.

Booked slots will need to be paid for (PayPal) once Tom has confirmed availability of the required slot.

Please note there will be no facilities for the storage of items.

Items are displayed at the owners risk.

There are no other costs than the table charge.

The slots times are:-

Saturday 1030-1130, 1140-1240, 1250-1350, 1400-1500 and 1510-1610

Sunday 1030-1130, 1140-1240, 1250-1350 and 1400-1500

Please email Tom (Tom's email) to check availablity of your required slot(s). Tom will get back to you to confirm availablity and hold the the slot(s) for a short time to enable you to pay for it.

It would be helpful if you give Tom alternative time slots just in case your first choice is sold out.

I will mark time slots as SOLD OUT as soon as I know they are.


Time Slot
Saturday 1st Oct 1030-1130 Available
Saturday 1st Oct 1140-1240 SOLD OUT
Saturday 1st Oct 1250-1350 Available
Saturday 1st Oct 1400-1500 Available
Saturday 1st Oct 1510-1610 Available
Sunday 2nd Oct 1030-1130 Available
Sunday 2nd Oct 1140-1240 Available
Sunday 2nd Oct 1250-1350 Available
Sunday 2nd Oct 1400-1500 Available




Bring and Buy

The Bring and Buy will be limited to 15 items (possibly 30 depending on demand) per person.

This limit and all other rules will also apply to those staffing the Bring and Buy.

There will be a charge of 50p (for sheet of upto 15 items) when booking in - in addition 10% is charged on items sold.

There is a downloadable booking form. Bring and Buy Booking Form.